Recommended Blogs and Streams

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I love the community

Sometimes you come across some amazing blogs and streams from the general blogging community. Here I want to share some sites (and streams) well worth visiting if you are looking for more content from amazing people.

Ace Asunder

So one of the lights of this community is definitely the ever present Solaryo.  She brings passion, excitement and sometimes mystery to WordPress and rumour has it potentially Twitch in the future.  She has highlighted asexuality, shown her love of Lightning and shown off her gamer cave (and cats).  She puts a lot of time into blogging and tales part in lots of community events, so if something is going on in the community then I often find out about it from her.  Check out anything that involves her cat pictures… she has adorable cats… but also all her other posts.

Adventure Rules

Well known for telling me to go to bed when I appear on his streams but less so when I comment on his blog (even if it is also late at night).  You have a wonderful voice actor on stream and brilliant writer on blog.  He has the best BRB screen in the Twitch business and brings character to his streams through all the voices he does.  In writing there is passion for Nintendo and RPGs and I also recommend his Blogger Blitz events as the work and creativity in these were phenomenal. 

Gaming Omnivore

Known recently for inspiring the community to search for a platinum trophy with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate as part of a relaxed collaboration.  I will eventually join in this challenge, but check out his Syndicate stories to see where he started and his progress.  He casually streams with ‘Nana’ moments of chaos and hilarity over on Twitch.  There has been a mix of games on his Twitch channel but his Far Cry streams are a great place to start if you need a laugh. 

In Third Person

I don’t think I could ever forget this blog or the streams.  Whether talking about ice cream or games or tech, there is something for everyone on an In Third Person stream.  He also puts great research into blog posts and creates brilliant guides to streaming over on his blog.  He also tests a lot of stuff out so he can share with others and checking out his blog, twitch or social media always brings you something interesting. 

Just Geeking By

Heather is someone who puts so much love and care into her blog that it is always nice to see what she is posting next.  Obviously I am going to recommend you check out the Seriously Geeky Sundays prompts as I love these but would also recommend looking at the other tag posts as there are some gems of ideas in there.  Heather covers disability, health and raises awareness as well as her geeky posts.

Later Levels

Kim provides amazing articles and thought provoking posts and together with Pete for a team Later Levels stream effort they are brilliant.  Kim loves point and clicks, kickstarters and FMV and Pete loves The Division 2, however on stream they can be found playing a wide range of games, even tackling games that have passed both of them by previously.  They even completed a 50 day streaming challenge for Special Effect in 2020.


This blogger and streamer really knows how to keep me reading and watching. On stream, his showing of House Flipper has been fantastic, even if it took several streams for him to stop painting everything the same shade of green, but he even made Dead Space enjoyable for someone like me who is scared of the mildest of horrors.  In writing I would recommend his posts on The Last of Us Part 2 and his Have You Ever Gaming Edition.  

Shoot the Rookie

Pix is a fashionista extraordinaire as she has previously come up with a Video Game Fashion show but also has a love of anime.  An amazing post to start with would be the guide to Glasgow but I am definitely taking on board this piece on her Top 10 with Anime.