About Gaming Diaries

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So who/what is Gaming Diaries?

I’m Gaming Diaries and also known as GD. I love games, Lego and wish I had bright coloured hair.

I began this blog back in 2017 as a project to give me something different and a way to connect to the community of gamers and geeks out there.  That is still true today as whether I am exploring an RPG or meeting new characters I want to share that.  This is my place to share my excitement and my thoughts on the things I love from games, fandom and other geeky pursuits as well as things that are important to me. So sometimes there are mentions of Lego, mental health, crafts as well as games.

I also stream on Twitch where I attempt to play a mix of games and have fun. I have a wonderful community of friends who join in the stream chat and welcome everyone along so come say hi or just hang out if you have the chance.

In real life, I’m currently in retail so all posting and streaming can be hit and miss. I am aiming for more regular updates on the blog and a way to do a regular stream schedule but for now I’m doing what I can!

I love taking part in community collaborations and events. I have been involved in the following collaborations amongst others: