Covid Diaries

So, covid finally hit our household.  We had had a few times before when we thought maybe this was it that ended up just a bad cold or whatever but this time it has actually come home to roost.  

We still social distance.  Both wear masks and still follow all relevant guidance. We have also had the maximum number of vaccinations and boosters that we qualified for.  I go to work (and only part of the week I work in an office rather than home and I go to the office on quiet days) and I go to the supermarket once a week if I go at all.  I have been terrified of this coming home with us because I have other chronic conditions which tend to get quite vocal with displeasure when I get a cold nevermind covid. But covid came in.

And it did show that it holds no punches.  This is after both of us having all the available vaccinations and booster that we qualify for so I can’t imagine what it would have been like before we had these.

Of course this was the week leading up to me actually having plans to meet up with friends, one of whom I haven’t seen since about 2018 since they have been living and working abroad and they are passing through on the way back from visiting their family.  These things happen – my timing really needs to be better in the future though. 

What can I say about it?  It sucks. 

My husband got a positive lateral flow test first.  I showed symptoms pretty much at the same time but was negative.  At his 8th day and positive test I also finally tested positive and got worse which I didn’t think could happen but it could. 

So, for me, covid had been lengthy before it truly began.  I also want to highlight that this has been very difficult symptom wise for me even before I actually tested positive for covid.  I realise that a lot of people say “it’s just a cold or like a bit of flu” but it isn’t for everyone and I’m not the worst as I did not end up in hospital or worse (which may be thanks to being vaccinated and despite other illnesses I am in generally ok health as I can usually manage). 

Symptom wise, my worst was the cough (and accompanying sore throat), exhaustion and pain. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg as I had things ranging from my heart rate doing funny things (resting at around 50bpm, which is low for me, or going to 150bpm, which I can hit during exercise but not usually outwith that, all because I reached for a drink that was on a table beside me with no other movement), confusion/brain fog which meant I was rather out of it and was seeing some things and not being able to sit up unaided for any period of time (pillows were my friend for propping me up). My walking ability was also impaired and I went back to using aids which I have some complicated feelings with but using sticks and being able to get to the bathroom beats not being able to get there at all. Then you consider the fun of having a fever in a heatwave (yes my timing is impeccable) and I really wish I had better luck with things. Of course there are other symptoms that I had but these were the ones I feel I can discuss especially as some are still ongoing.

Since testing negative a few weeks back I’m left with problems still, the exhaustion, pain, confusion (not as bad but don’t ask me anything complex) and cough are still there and I can still feel it in my breathing/chest even when I’m “resting” or not doing anything that I would expect to have affected breathing.  It won’t necessarily just end when you are no longer testing positive.  The best thing would be to avoid it completely.  I’m hoping given another week or two I can get back to 100% for me but I just need to wait and see. I’d like some more time in my days as currently I’m still having to nap after work then head to bed really early (as early as 7pm at times but this depends on how long the naps were).

All I can say to everyone is please try to stay safe and continue to be sensible.  This was bad for both of us and whilst a lot of people don’t have this bad experience you could, so be careful out there and rest if you need it.  I’m hoping this is our only brush with covid but the main thing is remember it isn’t over and you can still be badly affected but I hope that you won’t be.

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