Diary Updates – July 2022

July is over and I’m knackered.  It has been hot and uncomfortable, long and sickly.  Covid hit our household for the first (and hopefully only) time and it is continuing to affect me over a week on from my first negative test so I am trying to take things as slowly as I can which isn’t necessarily easy. 


Covid ruined plans and turned our life into alternating naps, coughing and so much pain.  My chronic illness decided that it should also have an input so it decided covid wasn’t enough for me and kicked my whilst I was down or either that covid is affecting a lot of things I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to by looking at symptoms which still get discussed which is also possible.  Mr GD has been feeling guilty as he’s pretty sure he caught it and gave it to me.  All in all we are tired and I’m ready for things to get back to our normal levels (for me in particular – any time now please!).  Stay safe out there!


I started out this month with good intentions and then illness meant going to anything I could do with little need for combos or multiple buttons.  

I went back to Yakuza 3 (PS4) and I actually completed it.  It’s only taken me a year to go back to it but I’m very glad I did.  I loved having more adventures with Kiryu and seeing some old friends.  Kiryu is fantastic with the kids and it’s so nice to see.  I will be taking a bit of a break before I go on to the next Yakuza game but at least I finished this one. 

I also finished up Broken Age (Xbox One). Seeing the characters come together at the end was lovely. However, I did spend quite a bit in the last hour or so annoyed that I hadn’t taken photos of wiring patterns and therefore taking far longer than I should have trying to fix some items. Next time I play something similar I need to remember to take photos/screenshots of key items like this!

When I got ill I decided I needed something that takes very little brain power and I really enjoyed.  So back to Aaero I went, this time on PS4.  I adore Aaero as it is great to relax with.  You just need to get through a song and then you get a break.  Some of the songs are a bit of a pain on Master but they are worth it when you get 5 stars.  I didn’t need to think or plan a strategy which, considering my brain was pretty useless, I appreciated.  So that is how I have 100% in Aaero again. 

Hidden Shapes: Animals and Lovely Cats (Xbox One) is a cute little puzzle game where you have to create a picture.  This is made up into squares which you rotate to make the picture.  It’s really relaxing so if you need a break and a little puzzle then this is quite fun.

House Flipper (Xbox) is now on Game Pass and whilst we still have that it was the perfect time to flip some more houses.  Again this is easy enough to do whilst ill so it got bonus points!  Especially as for the jobs you can do you have a checklist and it’s nice to just tick things off as you go.  Plus it’s really nice seeing the change in the houses as you go from start to finish.  I love some of the houses you can buy to do up and sell as well.  The only problem is now I really want to have those building, cleaning and decorating skills (and for it to be as easy as in the game) and do it for real.  

Powerwash Simulator (Xbox) is also on Game Pass and after seeing a lot of people saying it was great I thought I’d give it a try.  It is so good and so satisfying getting everything properly clean.  A brilliant game for whilst ill and needing minimal inputs from you and one that also saves progress regularly so you can close down partway through the longer cleaning activities (and have a nap).


Hopefully next month I’ll get back to Kingdom Hearts and The Witness as they are both still ongoing.  However they definitely required more concentration power than I could muster for most of July! 

Did you play anything fun in July?   

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