Diary Updates – June 2022

June feels like it went by in a flash and mostly was uneventful. However, we are now into the second half of the year which is exciting.


Work is still covering two services and still having discussions of changes to my job role (more hours which is good but needs it approved but hopefully good news… in a few months if I’m lucky and all goes through as planned). This will take some waiting but at least gives me some hope and I just need HR approval and such like after the change of role gets approved by whoever that goes to which I’ve been told is the easy part.



Kingdom Hearts (PS4) is still in the grinding zone.  I have decided that my best way to progress is to grind and basically be overleveled until the next boss is not an issue.  To be fair I barely picked this up in June as I needed a break from longer games. However I did clear some more gummi ship routes! 

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PS4) was really the only “longer” game that I dedicated time to.  I really enjoyed this and all the objections and the way the stories and characters all connected together.  

I loved Wandersong (PS4) when I first played it on Game Pass last year (or the year before – some time ago) and I had picked it up in sale.  This was well worth playing again and I still love it.  Perfect for a little relaxing gaming session.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (PS5) allowed me the opportunity to relax, tidy and fix up an island and take photographs which was perfect for what I needed at the time. This is really fun and worth a play.  

Kao the Kangaroo (PS5) is a bright and colourful platformer with a fun mascot character so it really ticked a lot of boxes for me.  It is great fun and I really enjoyed all the world’s you venture through. I can see myself playing this again in future when I need something fun.

I finally played Deiland (PS4) which I picked up in a sale ages ago, along with Summer in Mara (PS4).  Having now played both and completing all quest lines of both games I will say they are both worthwhile.  I probably shouldn’t have played them one after the other considering they are very similar (made by the same people and have some overlapping characters) but I had so much fun.  Both are perfect crafting, farming, exploring adventures and just what I needed to play.  Though I am mostly trying not to delve into any more similar games yet.  

I have also got around half way through Broken Age (Xbox One) and I’m still not sure what I think of it.  There have been a few frustrating moments of attempting to rescue some creatures with a gatcha machine type minigame but overall its quite fun and the characters are interesting. Hopefully I’ll finish this one up in July!

Have you played anything good recently?

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