My FMV Ranking

Through the last year or so I have finally experienced some FMV games, mostly Wales Interactive games, for the first time.  In doing so I bring you my not so definitive list of the best (according to me) FMV games.  Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive it does contain all the FMV games I have played in recent times.

10. Erica

Now this is one that I thought would be very interesting and disappointed me.  It seems confused and I went through and saw all the endings and still didn’t think I got it.  It had promise but just felt a bit let down overall. It definitely had potential. 

9. Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

So I will admit that these two characters are not necessarily my favourite pair and this game confused me. I’m still not completely sure I get it. However, Munro seriously needs to leave Poe.

8. The Bunker 

It is repetitive if you try to view all the different choices. The repetitive nature is also due to the type of story. The point is a repetitive life to stay safe and well in a bunker. But it didn’t click with me.

7. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker 

I’m not quite sure of this one.  I always felt like I was missing out on making a link but perhaps I was overthinking it.  I love that if I go through and play again that it could be a different killer and listening to all the stories was interesting.  Some of the very blunt statements had me down to a tee.  They just were so relatable.  I’m not sure on how I feel of the story overall but it was an interesting game. 

6. Five Dates

Five Dates is a tricky one, the premise was good though and it being filmed and developed over lockdown and giving a glimpse of dating in a pandemic is interesting.  However, discretion is advised as it leans a lot into stereotypes and equating sex with love and the goal of a relationship.  On the plus side you meet the best best friend of a main character – I love Callum as he is so good for you and just wants to hype you up!  Plus he really adds to the authenticity as his furlough life is fairly accurate. 

5. Late Shift

I really enjoyed this series of unfortunate events that you found yourself mixed up in. Trying to make different decisions to see all the endings was great fun too.  This felt really worthwhile trying to see what would happen with different choices.

4. The Complex

A game that makes me make bad choices as well as the good ones and I enjoyed both must end up pretty high on my list. I think I probably enjoyed this more than most since it kind of feels like a TV drama more than anything else. In a lot of ways the scientists being locked in the bunker and attempting to save the world was great and hits that “I need to rewatch Grey’s Anatomy” drama itch. (Yes I am currently rewatching this and potentially why I placed this so high on my ranking)

3. Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?

I love family interactions and the drama that ensues in this FMV title (particularly as it isn’t my family). Plus I really like a lot of the actors in this and when they are over-acting and overreacting it gets a bit much after a few playthroughs but still good fun. There are some great comedic moments within your interactions in addition to the great drama. There is some mention and depictions of illness, death and suicide so obviously this one may not suit everyone. Like Five Dates this was a pandemic game and you can tell as it tries to make this relatable with the video call games and trying to spend time together even if apart.

2. The Shapeshifting Detective

I went into this looking for another mystery and definitely got that. I really enjoyed the times I ended and messed up (by picking the wrong killer or picking the right one and messing up the scene with the killer). I loved the shapeshifting mechanic and being able to sneakily talk to people without them realising it was me. If you like a good mystery then this is worth it.

1. Telling Lies

I’ve played this twice and to a point where I have viewed all the videos. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I enjoyed this so much. Maybe because you don’t get a clear beginning, middle and end as it depends on the order you search words. It feels like you are telling a story and get sidetracked and loop back round and find another bit. It’s all in there but doesn’t always happen in order like you want. It is a mystery and you make your notes and play detective by investigating and eventually you come to the end and know what happened from all sides. It’s messy and imperfect but you see it all and the truth comes out.

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