Diary Updates – May 2022

May has been a busy month and I’ve managed to play a lot of shorter games which has made it look like I’ve played loads. Also May gave me a few long weekends so I do appreciate that!


Well this has been a busy month and it got a bit thrown into chaos at work with the announcement of changes to how the teams will be structured.  So that is all ongoing and will bring about big changes.  I’m just trying to work out what exactly is going on and what it will mean for my job (since I’m based within this team but not managed from there and therefore am hearing everything second or third hand).

To top it off I have spent the last 10 or so days unable to hear from one ear.  Apparently this isn’t a problem worthy of a doctors appointment or getting my ear looked at until it has passed two weeks of not being able to hear and using over the counter ear drops.  I’m a little grumpy about it since it hurts and is making it awkward when I can’t hear things properly especially at work.  Though in the last day or so I’ve had a static sound in the ear which is either an improvement or an additional annoyance and I haven’t decided which it is. 

In some other happier and more interesting news I finished up my introduction to British Sign Language online course.  I really hope to do an in person course but that needs to wait until they open again at the new college year.


So I finished Bugsnax (Xbox) again and did the DLC as well.  More Bugsnax is a good thing for me. There are a lot of little side tasks involved in the DLC which get you furniture for your new home.  My favourite addition was the Bugsnax in hats.  

I finished up Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (PS4) and all the collectibles and trophies.  I didn’t have too much left to do after starting it in April so this really didn’t take too long and was more fiddly trying to get the few spatulas and socks I had kept missing.  Overall this is a pretty fun platformer so I would recommend playing it if you want some relaxing platforming. 

I played through Dark Nights with Poe and Monro (PS4) and I’m honestly still not sure what I think of it.  My main takeaway is Monro deserves better and should leave Poe but equally I am going to assume that is unlikely to happen. 

I picked up The Unfinished Swan (PS4) in a recent sale after hearing good things about it.  It is a short game but really beautiful.  Though I could leave the level in the dark… despite messing up multiple times I still kept jumping every time I messed up.  I still think it was beautiful. 

Life is Strange True Colors (Xbox) came to Game Pass so I had to finally dive into this story.  I really enjoyed how Alex could sense the feelings and emotions in other characters. Alex, Ryan and Steph make a great group and I would happily have another game with them in it. 

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga (Xbox) is slowing down.  I have more Kyber bricks to collect and I’ll admit that I’m finding it too many.  Perfect to dip in and out of though as doing a few bricks here and there then switching to another game is keeping it interesting.  

I have started Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix (PS4) for the first time ever.  I am mainly going into this loving Disney characters but I did also get excited seeing Cloud and other Final Fantasy characters.  I am currently doing a bit of grinding since I’m struggling with a boss (dragon Maleficent if you are interested) and figured if I grind a few levels I’ll just be more powerful and find it easier even if I’m still not overly skilled at attacking it.  So far I’m really enjoying visiting all the worlds and meeting so many characters I know and love.   

Another Game Pass I tried this month was A Memoir Blue (Xbox).  Again, this was a nice short game and has some gorgeous scenes. It only takes around an hour to complete and is worth trying if you have Game Pass.

I played The Shapeshifting Detective (PS4) which I really enjoyed. I did get a little laugh out of the scenes when I was “discovered” as a shapeshifter as the reactions were great. The town of August could do with some extra security! Between this game and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro there have been a few too many murders.

I also played Persona 4 Dancing All Night (PS4). I love music and rhythm games and the music included in this was so good. This one includes a story to go through which was a nice touch, compared to Persona 3 Dancing.

I also replayed Unpacking (PS5) and Lake (PS5), given I’d played them previously on Game Pass and wanted to pick them up for myself.  I ended up doing so this month and I still really enjoyed both. They are perfect for relaxing with. I also replayed Heavy Rain (PS4) to try to go back and finish up the trophies which I managed to do at the end of May. Despite playing multiple times, I still can’t do the lockpicking bit first time. I have no idea what my attempts to success ratio is but I wish I could have skipped that bit.

June is unlikely to see as many game completions (or just that many games played)! However May has let me take a chunk out of my backlog.

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