Bugsnax: The Best Snax

To celebrate the DLC of Bugsnax being released as well as the release of Bugsnax on Xbox and Xbox GamePass I decided the best thing to do was celebrate my favourite snax. The world of Bugsnax has 100 catchable Bugsnax but these 5 are my favourites.

Such a selection of snax


It might be simple but Strabby makes me smile and it loves chocolate so I relate here.


It’s a snail and a cinnamon bun. I love the design here and sometimes even catching them.

Rainbow Sweetiefly

I have to get my love of sweeties and lollipops in here somewhere. Rainbow colours also make this better.


In continuing my sweet theme I go to ice cream. I just love this design – it just looks so adorable despite it’s aggressive tendencies.

Baby Cakelegs

Baby Cakelegs makes this list for the use of candles in the design. Frosted Peak has some fantastic Bugsnax designs.

Also shoutout to the sweetest and best Grumpus, Gramble! May all the new Bugsnax players be kind to them.

2 thoughts on “Bugsnax: The Best Snax

  1. Still talkin’ about Bugsnax, huh? 😄

    Bungers are still one of my favorites – fun to say and always make me hungry for burgers and curly fries. Cinnasnails are also delicious-look…uh, cool Bugsnax…


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