Diary Updates – March 2022

March has left me feeling rushed and yet had a surprising amount of gaming time alongside.  I don’t know how it feels like both at the same time but I’m not going to complain.  Though I am counting down until the busy time at work is over and can relax a bit more! 

Games played

So I finished up Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) but despite my hope and a lot of exploring there is currently no platinum for me.  This is because some activities that you need to do for the platinum are not working for me so I’m waiting to see if an update fixes that or if I need to attempt a new playthrough.  Horizon Forbidden West was a great follow up to Horizon Zero Dawn and any more Aloy is worth it.  I loved (and hated) the new machine types and there are lots of new characters to get to know which I really enjoyed.

I went back to Sackboy A Big Adventure (PS5) to do a few more levels in an attempt to get all of the orbs and do a few more attempts at the Ripsnorter time trial.  I still have co-op levels to do which could be a whole new experience depending on how successful they are.  Time has not worked out when both me and my partner are not working and feeling like playing this (he’s not a platformer fan) so there has been no progress on levels needing 2 players yet but I did get some more orbs so not a total loss. 

I went back to The Witness (Xbox One) and started it again to try to finish it.  Though this has turned into a dip in and out so a little grouping of puzzles and jump to something else game.  However, I have now set off two lasers which I guess is a good thing and the closest description I can give for how much I have done this time round but I am making some progress with it.  

I started up Guardians of the Galaxy (XSX|S) when it was added to Game Pass.  I was loving it but did end up a little distracted when I wasn’t feeling in the mood to play and started up the next game.  So I definitely need to go back to this and it has been great for the parts I have played so far.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5) has completely taken over my gaming time since I started it.  I love it!  In the end a few days back I finished my first playthrough of the game on normal.  It turns out that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and did some chapter selects to do a few things I missed.  Then I ended up starting a hard mode playthrough so that might give an idea of how much I enjoyed it.  Whether I finish the hard mode playthrough is another matter as it sounds difficult and I’m not sure how the later bosses will go.  I am going to attempt it though!  This does also mean that I really need to play the original Final Fantasy 7 but perhaps after a little break in between.  

Did you play anything good last month?

4 thoughts on “Diary Updates – March 2022

  1. Nice list of games 🙂 just finished Guardians of the Galaxy, curious what was the stumbling block or just the alure of something else?

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    1. Honestly I was really enjoying it but it wasn’t quite what I wanted to play right at that moment so switched. I want to go back to it because I’m more in the mood for what it was offering and it was really good so I definitely want to continue!


    1. Yeah it’s been getting them on PS5 as well but I haven’t checked the most recent couple of patches yet. The good thing about lots of games to play I have plenty to do whilst I wait and then get too involved in other games to go back and check. I’m hoping when I hop back on its all magically fixed for me! I hope you are enjoying HFW as well!

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