Diary Updates – February 2022

So February decided it was going to be a tricky month for me but it did allow me some time to finish up some games and excitingly Horizon Forbidden West was released.


Ah yes… so things were perhaps going too well so life throws a curveball. This has meant February was full of migraines and some sort of gastro bug which made things difficult to work through. Then work is picking up because we are getting ready for the end of (financial) year items which all combined meant for some rough days and some extra rough days.


This month gave me some time for more relaxed gaming when I was able to after finishing my main challenges.

I finally have the platinum trophy for Uncharted 4 (PS4).  I can safely say that I hated certain aspects of the “Crushing” playthrough.  I was quite impressed with myself that I managed the speedrun with a little over 30 minutes to spare (albeit I was on the easiest difficulty).  

I’ve gone back to Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom (PS4) to attempt the DLC.  It is quite a grind. I’ve done the main story parts but not all of the Solusseum.  I’m honestly not sure if I want to attempt the rest of these as even close to maximum level I struggle with the time aspect. This might be heading back to the sidelines for now.

I played Pupperazzi (Xbox) as part of Game Pass.  Honestly this is just a nice relaxing game and I get to pat dogs and take their photos so I enjoyed this.  Nothing too complicated in the requests you get and nice areas to walk around. 

In celebration of Telling Lies (Xbox) going on Game Pass I decided to play it again.  This was one of my favourite games from last year but my first time playing on Xbox.  If you have Game Pass it is worth playing whilst it is available. 

I also restarted The Witness (Xbox One).  I’ve completed a few areas now (or at least I think I have) but have plenty more puzzles to go.  This is a nice game to just do a few puzzles or an area of and then stop. There is no rush and there are plenty of puzzles types that you don’t necessarily feel stuck with types you dislike (or at least I haven’t yet!).

Another relaxing game I played from Game Pass was Lake (Xbox). Aside from me being the worst driver of a mail truck I loved this. There was something so calming about taking the deliveries, speaking to the residents of the area and somehow winding up taking on odd requests as well.

Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) released and since then it has been my go to game.  I’ve loved exploring and meeting all the characters.  I’m trying to avoid mentioning anything that could be a spoiler to anyone.  However, I love this and the world it has created.  

How was February for you? Let me know in the comments.

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