5 Games I Finally Want to Play in 2022

I did this a few years ago and made close to 0 attempts to actually play the games mentioned.  If I recall correctly I believe I played one game to completion but I may be misremembering.  So why should I believe that this list will be any different?  In the last few years I have tried many games from my backlog and even dived back in to games that I have started but failed to finish before.  Perhaps I have grown as a person or maybe I have just been in the mood for the games I did try.  Whatever the reason I think I may actually accomplish something from this list.  

Another Final Fantasy game

A black baby Chocobo from Final Fantasy XV is the centre of the image. There is some dirt and grass around it. A small section of a white fence is in the background.

I was going to name a specific one but it probably isn’t important to choose a specific one right now.  I know I want to play 13 and the sequels, or perhaps finish 9 or maybe even play 8 or 7… and so on.  For me I just hope I can find another Final Fantasy with characters I can fall in love with.  Oh and see more Chocobos of course! 

Kingdom Hearts 

Everything about Kingdom Hearts makes it sound like something I would love.  Disney characters, RPG and many hours of gaming to be had. Yet I still haven’t ventured in, partially due to the daunting nature of these games since there are so many.  I just want to start and see how things go. If I love it then fantastic and if not then at least I have (finally) tried it for myself.

Pokémon Sword/Shield

I picked this up well after release at some point last year and haven’t yet played it.  This will be a great game to play this year for a few reasons, one being it will give my Switch some extra love.  Additionally, and importantly, I haven’t played it yet.  So I’m looking forward to meeting the new regional Pokémon and seeing what the adventure brings. 


In an effort to show that I am not solely interested in long (J)RPGs, I thought I should mention one of the VR games I’m most excited to try. Moss has such an adorable main character, a mouse named Quill, and is meant to be a fun action-adventure puzzle game which has been on my to play list for a while. Since getting more regular use of the VR last year I’ve been meaning to start this up so hopefully this year I do. Also with a sequel in the works it is a good time to play this one!

The Witness

I remember starting this years back but didn’t get too far (maybe around an hour or so) as I got distracted. However, it is a game that I keep thinking about so I am hoping I can make my way through the many puzzles and see how far I can get before resorting to lots of pen and paper drawings of puzzles.

Are there any specific games you hope to get off your backlog this year?

7 thoughts on “5 Games I Finally Want to Play in 2022

  1. Those are some good picks! I would like to play Final Fantasy IX as I haven’t ever played it and I would like to get into the Legend of Heroes series but I’ve been told they are quite big JRPGs.

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    1. I’ve heard they are big games but haven’t played any Legend of Heroes games myself. If you do play any from that series I hope you enjoy them! I could have just done a list of (J)RPGs so I did want a little bit of variety in what I hope to play.

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  2. It’s become almost a recurring joke at this point, but I could say Persona 5 and The Witcher 3 for 4th year in a row or so…
    Otherwise, for Final Fantasy games I’d probably go with FFX or FFVI – ones I’ve been meaning to play through for some time. I also want to get back to Cyberpunk 2077 shortly. No surprises here…plenty of RPGs to play. 😄

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  3. The Witness is a really worthwhile experience, I highly recommend it. Super contemplative puzzler with really rich, colorful visuals, even though you’ll be staring at tablet puzzles a majority of the time haha


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