Love Your Backlog 2021

Each year Ace Asunder and Later Levels have challenged the community to love our backlogs and celebrate those games.  The Love Your Backlog event returns for 2021 and once again I take a look at mine and see what it contains.

A backlog can be a wonderful thing or a thing to deal with, or a little bit of both. I’ve been considering what I actually consider my backlog recently. Since collections got mixed there is some overlap and games that I would like to play that aren’t necessarily a priority to play as I’m more curious about the games rather than definitely wanting to play them. I’m not thinking of those as actively on my backlog but they are available for if I decide I want to give them a try in future. This makes what I actually consider my backlog smaller but I’d say I have more of a collection than a backlog generally.

The effect that the 2020 pandemic had on your backlog

I did really well.  I went back to play games that I hadn’t got round to actually starting up yet.  So I ended up playing a lot of games from my backlog including the Uncharted games, Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection, Unravel and Ratchet & Clank.  This meant I felt more productive with removing games from the backlog and for actually playing more games than usual.

Chloe, Nadine and Sam look out over the valley.

Part of this was I was in the lucky position to have more time to play games and ended up streaming so needed some games to play.  For a lot of the games I ended up picking up games from the backlog so I could tackle the backlog and share my first experiences with these games with other people. 

Of course I didn’t necessarily stop purchasing games… so I did add some games to the backlog but I did quite well overall.  I believe I took more off my backlog than I added to it so I think that is a win.

The oldest game in terms of release date

In recent years we have picked up some retro games, most of which I have never played before, so it would be one of them.  However, I actually don’t know what we have now as they are stored away currently.

The oldest game on my backlog that I definitely plan on playing and was bought with me in mind is probably Myst.  I was given a collection of Myst games and I haven’t tried them yet and will be a first playthrough when I do.  Though that gift was done far more recently than the original release date for Myst would suggest!  

A game you bought in day one, only to not play it

Does a game that you tried to play that has so many issues that you then decide to stop trying to play through the issues and wait for several updates to play count here?  I bought Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as I was so excited for it.  I started it, though not immediately upon release still within a short time frame, and after hitting my head against the issues I had to stop.  I haven’t been back yet as much as I want to dive back in.  I just need to be patient and wait for now, because I want to see the experience that is in there.

If that doesn’t count, I bought the Yakuza Remastered Collection on release and I am getting there!  This year I will play it.  This year.  My next Yakuza game is Kiwami 2 so I’m close to starting 3 right?  I did manage to finish Kiwami from start to end last month, as well as finishing Yakuza 0, so I am thinking I may get there soon.

The game which has spent the most time on your backlog

Who knows!  I could probably find a DS/3DS game that I haven’t tried if I went looking but I’d rather not check… I know there are Xbox 360 games I haven’t played yet or played so little it’s basically unplayed.  For example, Ghostbusters.  Yes I do want to play that, I did start the 360 version years ago and one day I will complete it. Mainly through the determination that I started it so I will finish it on the 360. Though in looking for it after remembering during writing this post it may prove difficult to find.

I had planned to look through and organise my backlog a bit to work this answer out a little better. However, that didn’t happen and I don’t have the memory for when I bought games so this is a guess at one of my older 360 games which probably predate a lot of the others.

The most recent addition to your library

I recently picked up Telling Lies and a couple of other games in a PlayStation sale.  I have at least downloaded it and plan to play this soon, so I guess I’ll see if that works out or not.

The person responsible for adding the most entries to your backlog, due to their good recommendations

My husband.  He notices games that I might like or have a style I’ll enjoy and suggests them.  On top of that he sometimes says things like “oh I have [game name] and it’s something I think you will like as it’s similar to [game I’ve played recently]”.  Particularly when it comes to Xbox 360 games or older.  

The other person (technically people) responsible for adding entries to my backlog is the blogging community.  There are so many games I’ve read about or watched a bit played that I wouldn’t have necessarily come across without this community.  There have been great games I’ve seen and tried because of them.  Plus when someone in the community sees a game and suggests that it is one you might like it has been very accurate.  It is worth taking a chance on those recommendations, though it has led me down the road of emotional games which make me cry on occasion… but totally worth it! 

7 thoughts on “Love Your Backlog 2021

  1. I made great strides last year on my backlog but also added games. And new games keep coming. I try to see a backlog as a good thing but usually feel bad about it. It feels wrong not to be playing all these great games at the moment and it feels overwhelming. Adulting and parenting makes gaming harder for me. And I have several great JRPGs to enjoy! Someday.


  2. Hoping the next few updates can get those bugs in AC Valhalla ironed out so it’s more playable for you. It sounds like you’ve got plenty of fun stuff in the meantime though! Now that I have Valhalla finished I can get back to more Yakuza games 😁


  3. What a great article! I struggle going back to my backlog but I did go back to Horizon Zero Dawn. I did complete this game previously but I wanted the platinum….I still want the platinum but I’m close. Keep up the good work =)


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