Super Happy Love Award

February is quite often seen as the month of love with Valentine’s Day occurring on the 14th. This is probably as close to a Valentine’s post as I would do as it focuses on media, characters and fandoms.

The Super Happy Love Award was created by the lovely Pinkie over at Pinkie’s Paradise to share the passion and spread the love. I found this in my drafts and we all deserve some love shared and some happiness so here is my addition to love. I’m not actually sure if I just saw this last year or if I was tagged in it but I’m just going with this.

The rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Share the original post
  • Display the Super Happy Love logo in your response post and share the rules
  • Answer at least two of the following six prompts
  • Tag six bloggers for the Super Happy Love Award
  • In addition, everyone who leaves a lovely comment on your response post is also nominated to help keep the positivity going

Prompt 1: Tell us about a person you love

The person I love most is definitely my husband.  Despite everything thrown at us he is always by my side.  When I was too scared to go out due to anxiety or was breaking down over tiny things and not able to remember anything about my day he was there.  He tried piece by piece to build me back up and get me to be stronger than I thought I could be.  For all the times he was told he wouldn’t amount to anything comparative to his peers, he has shown how much more he is and how he is a much stronger person than he could have believed back then.  Last year was tough for him through family reasons, work reasons and just general 2020 life reasons but he carried on and did such wonderful things.  He has this ability to brighten the room and he cares so much about everyone. You can’t help but smile when he is nearby. I don’t know how he manages it but it always amazes me.

Prompt 2: Write something about a fandom or a franchise you love

I love the Pokémon franchise.  There is something about it.  From my first moment in Pokémon Blue I knew it would be special to me.  I haven’t played every game but I have spent so much time on the ones I have.  There are so many regions to explore now and Pokémon to meet.  Pokémon Blue started off a love for a series and started my love for Pikachu (combined with the anime).  It was later when I met some of my other favourites like Togepi or even later for Dedenne became Pokémon I knew of.  Though so much love to Phanpy, Growlithe, Snorlax, Torchic and Inkay.  

Then there is the anime which I have watched certain series of but not all (though I am not 100% sure what ones I haven’t seen).  These can make me smile or make me cry and everything in between.  Sadly I haven’t had much experience with the manga but maybe one day.

I may have one or two (dozen, or more, who could say) Pokémon related things from plushies, jewellery, t-shirts and such things.  They bring me joy and make me smile.  Pokémon can relax me and can just make me happy by being that place I can go to.  

Prompt 3: Tell us something about a character you love

My post for Normal Happenings collaboration on characters discusses how important I found Aloy to be.  I could talk more about her but I won’t as I want to talk about someone else.  

I want to talk about the Bard from Wandersong.  The Bard is pretty much the most average person you could imagine, he is just a Bard, an ordinary townsperson but with an amazing ability for singing and playing music.  He ends up on a quest to save the world.  Despite people not believing him, or believing in him, he manages to carry on and use his skills to unite people and the world.  At the lowest point when he thinks it’s all for nothing he manages to come back round and come back stronger and more determined than ever.  

Prompt 4: Tell us something about a piece of music you love

I love music from video games and music from Disney films a lot.  They tend to be my favourites.  The songs of hope, change, singalong, peace, joy, sadness and such like.  One of my favourites is Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast because of the pure excitement of each character.  I remember this being a magical moment and song from when I first saw/ heard it.  Then there are songs like Some Things Never Change from Frozen 2 that just make me smile. 

I do sing along (even if I probably shouldn’t) and no matter the song there is some memory attached to it or something that it reminds me of.  That is pretty special and a bit of Disney magic.

Prompt 5: Show us why you love a piece of media so much

I tried to think about one piece that really has stuck with me.  One thing that came to mind was games themselves.  Now there are bad sides to the community surrounding games but the fact that games can bring so many people together is amazing.  That potential is wonderful, it starts with a game or a character or whatever but the friendships that can evolve from a shared love of a game is wonderful.  Now, games have moved on from how they looked when I was a child and you can get amazing screenshots.  That amazes me and the wonder that I got from playing games has changed but stayed so similar.  That’s a magic thing for a piece of media.   

Prompt 6: Write something about yourself that you love

Talking about myself in a positive way and even saying I love something about myself is so hard.  I can tell you why I love my friends and what they bring to my life but saying things about me is far more difficult.  However, I love that I try.  I might do whatever for no one to see but I try things.  So I continue to blog after trying that for the first time a few years back, I tried streaming without and then with voice, I’ve tried digital drawing which I really need to spend more time doing again.  I try to learn about things and I try to keep going and making progress even when it seems hard.  Sometimes it’s too much and I need to stop but sometimes I just need to come back round to it in the future.  However, despite it all, I keep trying and that’s pretty awesome so good job to me! 

What do you love about yourself and who are some of the characters you love? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Super Happy Love Award

  1. Aww that was a great post! Thanks for doing this!
    I am a big Pokémon fan myself as you may know so that answer really made me happy!
    And Disney songs are great! I use them for so much stuff! I wrote a few versions of Be Our Guest for friends birthdays and other stuff!


  2. Similar story here, I’ve loved Pokémon ever since I played Pokémon Red as a kid(younger brother got Blue). I routinely tell myself I’d like to play more of the games, but….you know how that goes…

    When coming up with a list of video game characters I love, the first name I always end up writing down are – Arthur Morgan, Aloy, Bayek, Kassandra…I know there’s more. Samus too, of course…


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