Diary Updates – January 2021

I have been thinking in the few months since I last did a monthly update post.  So now, for a new year it returns with an updated name and hopefully a more consistent posting.  

What’s changed?

This is the new name for the my month in games posts.  This is because sometimes I have wanted to discuss other topics from the month, like events I took part in, stream things not related to the games played or just generally life events.  However in a post about games played that sometimes felt awkward.  And “diary updates” ties in quite nicely to the blog name!  It’s basically the same thing but more freedom to add some information about other things or just chat about what is happening generally.

Games played

I have spent a lot of time wandering the streets of London in Watch Dogs Legion (Xbox).  Whilst there is a story which I have completed, I spent far more time just exploring landmarks and hijacking drones to fly around the city.  The benefit of this has been being able to do most of the upgrades quite early on as I explored new areas.  I love visiting London in game but this is not my favourite Watch Dogs game.  However, I do love Bagley.  I am tempted to go back to look for some missing achievements, but for now I am done having completed the story. 

I’ve been on a Yakuza kick lately.  After two and a bit years I finally headed back into Yakuza 0 (PS4) and even finished it!  Then I dived straight into Yakuza Kiwami (PS4).  I have now also finished Yakuza Kiwami.  I love Kiryu and Majima.  So two games completed, one after two and a bit years and one within the month!   

Thanks to Game Pass I checked out Carto (Xbox One).  It is a game that I fell in love with the art style when I first found out about it.  It is so pretty to look at.  It is a lovely game to play and the stories that you can find in the Chalet, the people you meet and can interact with are wonderful and the love of Carto and her Granny is beautiful.

In a little run of indie games I also played Woodle Tree Adventures (Xbox One).  This is one that I got in a sale for around £1.  The reason I bought it?  It looked cute.  That’s exactly what it is.  You are a little tree stump collecting fairy tears and berries through a few platforming levels.  It has lovely music and the little tree stump is cute.  It’s a basic game that gave me a bit of fun and relaxation and that was just what I needed. 

Game Pass also provided the opportunity to play Eastshade (Xbox One).  I have experienced some issues and I do get the walking behind a slow person annoyance by the walking speed within the game, however walking around that world is so beautiful.  My issue was the walking speed decreasing to slower than a snail speed following the accidental freezing of my character (I may have not made it indoors a few times) and a few other bugs. It is beautiful but a little rough around the edges.  Nothing is game breaking or stops you from being able to continue, but it does make it frustrating.  Luckily the music and location is so relaxing you can forgive it! 

Another completion from Game Pass was Grim Fandango Remastered (Xbox One).  I have never played this before and I felt a little confused at times which meant I had to keep a walk-through close by.  My getting lost and confused early on in the game also meant I restarted quite quickly as my walk-through also highlighted you could get an achievement for using a specific type of control so I decided to restart.  I hadn’t played much as I was lost looking for a door to the garage… mostly because I had already walked right past it and left the building so why not follow along.  I liked talking to the other characters and some of the puzzles were great, others I don’t think I had the type of thinking for as I did have to reach for the solution because it was a case of what do I have and how would that help me.  Overall I’m glad I have experienced it but I think next time I’ll watch someone else play! 

Donut County, a game that I own and have played on PS4, has come to Game Pass.  So of course I decided to play it there as well.  There is no difference except this time I got Xbox achievements for it rather than trophies.  Though it did remind me I didn’t get all the trophies on PS4 so I did end up playing it on both consoles to 100% the game twice. 

In my time to search for achievements and trophies I was reminded that I was missing one from What Remains of Edith Finch on Xbox One and one on the PS4 version.  So I decided to go and pick up that missing achievement and trophy.  It’s nice to have both versions at 100% now.  

On stream moments

Getting back over the nerves of going back to streaming I finally hit that go live button and had some streaming fun.  I may have, without intending to, stopped all my alerts working and still not accomplished the updates I had hoped to get done but I am progressing with these. 

I have been streaming Planet Coaster (Xbox).  I am the worst with the camera and the controls for this, but it has a fantastic mascot who I adore due to its smile!  The characters that talk to you through the scenarios make me giggle and despite my real life avoidance of theme parks I am enjoying the virtual ones.  I can’t say I would go on these rollercoasters though. 

I also streamed my first playthrough of GRIS (PS4).  This is a beautiful watercolour game following a tough journey for your character.  The fish was certainly not my friend but the journey was worth it.  I ended up going back off stream to get the platinum for this one.  

I have got a few future games in mind for streams, including actually finishing some that I stopped streaming months back such as Two Point Hospital or Jurassic World Evolution (also known as beware of escaped Dinosaurs).  

Blogging times

January saw me be more prepared and organised (to an extent) with blogging, though sadly not the sharing of posts.  I realised looking at my 2020 summary on WordPress how much of a break I ended up taking which made me sad.  Then I looked at my drafts and realised where all that time went.  I’m hoping to finish going through them, and some even older ones, and decide on which can be edited and posted and any that I am not planning to post.  Generally this year I just hope to continue posting.  In January I managed to post 12 times which was fantastic for me.  

What did you get up to in January?  Did you manage to achieve any goals?  Let me know in the comments! 

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