Screenshot Saturday – Sometimes a hug is all you need

Now in these days of pandemics and social distancing, physical contact is not really acceptable with anyone outside of your household. Some people are missing hugs with their friends and family who live further away or just outwith your household. For me, I’m enjoying the extra hugs I’m finding in games so I’m not always just missing some hugs.

Carto (Xbox One) has provided one of the prettiest puzzles I have tried to complete recently. I would recommend not trying to do the ice sliding puzzle whilst tired if you are like me, but it is a fantastic game. Carto and Shannon are wonderful and the adventure to get Carto back to her Granny takes them across such beautiful places.

This hug is simple but beautiful. Sometimes that is all I want. Sometimes it is the perfect goodbye, or the perfect remedy. Here, for me, it encapsulates the beauty of the game and the friendship between the characters. For others, it may just be a hug, a cuddle, a cwtch, whatever you want to call it, but it is a beautiful moment and that works.

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