A life update

So, I have been a little (read: very) inconsistent over the last few months. Realistically since returning to work in July I have struggled more and more. That has led to a lack of blogging, streaming and a lack of care for myself. However, things are changing and looking up so let’s open up and check in.

Mental Health

I have been trying to get myself back to a better place, even if just making tiny tip-toeing steps towards that. I think, fingers crossed, I am moving in the right direction again slowly. It’s hard and I’m trying not to put too much emphasis on the little steps for now, but I think they are there.

Noctis stares out. The text says "That there's more than one true path. That you should learn to trust yourself, or something."
I should learn to trust myself or something?

Part of this was during the first lockdown of 2020 I saw improvements excluding times I was contacted by work. Then we returned and those steps forward turned into massive falls backwards. Thanks to many friends in this community (and Mr GD of course) for helping me, listening to me or reading what has gone on. I love you all. You are superstars. Then during the further changing restrictions, the new lockdowns and such like I have seen ups and downs. I am trying.

Job Changes

I have been looking for a new job on and off throughout 2020. Turns out applying for jobs just before lockdown began in March was a terrible timing decision. Waiting a few months and then starting to apply to places again finally paid off. I have officially started a new job! Hopefully this prompts some more good things happening and will help with the mental health side. I now have a routine and jobs can have a set pattern. So goodbye retail (but still remember to be nice to retail workers).

Bowser in a white suit with purple trim, and white hat as his wedding outfit. The text says "I'm busy planning my wedding! Don't you know how stressful that is?!"
Any excuse to use this screenshot that I love – but job hunting is stressful!

Blogging and Streaming

Now, I love both. I have plans for both. However, that has been very inconsistent and I’ve withdrawn from sharing things and doing streams for a period towards the end of 2020. I want to get back to my plans and have been updating the blog and posting again (as you can hopefully tell!) so it is moving forward. I think I have had to accept that my limits for what they actually are and I really should work with them.

Plans for now are to get into a streaming pattern, a blogging pattern and then look at adding to it. Now with the job changes I have (shock horror) a regular work schedule and know what I’m doing in advance. Ah the perks of an office job! This will hopefully allow me to balance things and get into a routine once I get used to having a known schedule again.

This has started with the blog as I had prepared some of these posts whilst I was off over Christmas and setting up the posts has been great to make me see a routine here again. Streaming is starting off slowly and then I am trying to build on it but I’m hoping to get some fixes done in my less busy times.


A 2021 planner with gold numbers and a floral pattern is next to some coloured fine line pens.

I actually have bought a new planner for 2021. This is so I can get back on track and see things the way I want. Organisation and stationary can sometimes help, and perhaps even work for me. There is a very real possibility that this planner will last for a few months and then be abandoned or become a random jumble of notes and idea. I have hope for it at the moment though. I have also started trying to record three positives from my day. So far I’m finding this hard, most days at least one is something like had a cookie or organised something small but I hope this helps me remember what I have achieved.

So that is pretty much where things stand at the moment. I hope to get myself into a routine but I have got to focus on getting myself into a better place first and then try to add to the blog and streaming. Thank you for keeping with me and for all your support. Here’s to some more possibilities and better times.

11 thoughts on “A life update

  1. Congrats on the new job!

    Hereโ€™s hoping the new blog/stream routine works out for you. Iโ€™m usually terrible at maintaining any sort of routine or schedule, but Iโ€™ve found it has helped me with streaming…not so much with blog stuff. Iโ€™ll take it for now ๐Ÿ˜…

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m finding it easier to get into a routine with the blog side at the moment. The streaming side I’m being much more flexible but I’m also trying out some things off stream so then I’m just trying to work out stuff there but it still seems like I’m doing useful stream related things.

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  2. Congratulations on your new job!

    I agree having a schedule definitely helps the mind plan things to do and stay on track. I hope you settle in with your new job well and you continue to feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’m so happy to hear about the new job! *hugs*

    Your planner looks so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ One thing I’ve found with scheduling and planning is that some of us work better with a more flexible schedule. So if you find keeping a strict one doesn’t work for you just try to loosen it a bit, and jiggle things around a bit until you find what works best for you.

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    1. Thank you! Definitely trying to keep it quite loose, like at the moment it’s a sort of I want to post at least 1-2 times a week (not thinking about set days or anything) and trying to build my routine with doing blog related things from writing to uploading images or whatever. Stream side I have been focused on trying to get a few background things done first but I’m trying to go live once a week, at the moment with no set day or time. Fingers crossed I can find a routine and work within my limits instead of pushing against them. I need to start being better to myself and I’m going to try!

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