The Happy Things

The best things in life are free, so they say.  Focus on the things that make you happy.  Today is apparently Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.  Charming.  If you haven’t heard of this day then it came around in 2005 as part of a press release from a holiday company but has since been reused elsewhere.  Though I believe only here in the Northern Hemisphere.  The name is off putting and not very nice in general.

I have since discovered that there are two formulae that can be used, one takes into account factors such as weather, time since Christmas and time since failing New Year’s resolutions.  However, unlike any good mathematical formula the two I have seen are useless and basically meaningless.  The point is that they exist and could be used if you could work out the deficiencies and the lack of information for what units things need to be in.

My point is that if today is Blue Monday and the most depressing day of the year I would rather focus on some happy things and bring some positivity into today.  So here is my list of happy things.


I may as well get the obvious one out of the way!  In case you haven’t noticed by now, I rather enjoy gaming and it has the ability to make me happy even when playing something that makes me really emotional.


Again, this is so much fun.  Whilst I do kits now, when I was younger I used to love just bringing out the box of random Lego pieces and building something.  I love the feeling of creating and seeing how everything comes together.  Plus minifigs are adorable.


I’ve always loved pets and could not be without my strange, excitable, fluffy that we have now.  Every pet has their own personality and getting to know them makes me feel so happy.  Sometimes all you need is to see a little cute face look up at you or someone to let you pat/cuddle them and it can just make everything better. 

My husband

This was our cake topper!

He is the person I can spend all day with and want more time with.  He can make me laugh, cheer me up and calm me down when I need it and just makes everything better.  He has made me a better person, I think, and I don’t think he gives himself all the credit that he deserves.  So if you are reading this, you know all those things I tell you about how wonderful and amazing you are, how the things that you were told by some people are not true, well you have to listen to them now because I have written it down and posted it online! 

My bed

I love sleep, I don’t get enough of it but honestly I love my bed.  It makes me happy.  It represents absolute comfort and I love when you can get in after a long day and just have your troubles melt away.  Also long lies on the weekend are fantastic. 

Dressing gowns, comfy jumpers, hot water bottles

It’s still wintery and in these cold days/nights I love getting wrapped up warm with a dressing gown, comfy jumper and/or a hot water bottle just to keep me nice and toasty.  It’s also something really simple that can just make me feel homely and safe.  It’s a shame that unless it’s really cold, or I’m in a lot of pain or ill, that these can’t be used all year round.  Although with typical UK weather I can almost justify it most months in the year. 


I didn’t think having this simple blog could mean so much to me and be something that makes me so happy and then I started it.  It is just fantastic and makes me happy when I post something new or I get a new follower or a comment/like.  So thank you my lovely readers as you make part of this blog so wonderful and a source of happiness for me.  Though when no one was viewing what I wrote I still found it a source of happiness.  It has also meant that I have met and made some friends with absolutely wonderful people. 


I have said that I love things to keep me cosy and now I’m saying a thing that makes me so cold is something that also makes me happy.  In a typically British manner I reserve the right to complain about the snow, in fact about all weather just to be that stereotypical.  I love seeing snowflakes fall as they just make me so happy.  It is so pretty and just makes the view look so beautiful, and everything almost gets a fresh start and cleanse that is just lovely.  However, I prefer seeing the snow fall from my place of comfort inside.  I also like when the snow still allows you to get about as despite snow existing and it happening most years the UK isn’t exactly the most prepared for snow and can just grind to a halt. Though building a snowman is always fun no matter what age you are. 

Getting to see animals in the wild

Whether that be as simple as seeing a bird of prey flying, or a Robin visiting the garden or a Squirrel jumping up a tree.  To something like going on a trip to see Seals, Dolphins and/or Whales in their natural environment.  I still get excited when I see Deer grazing and that’s something that I have been lucky enough to experience since I was younger.


I have no idea why, but I am always drawn to the pretty stationary and I’m sure it isn’t just down to the pretty factor.  It just looks so nice.  This is also why I have a selection of unused pretty notepads that are too nice for just anything to be written in.  I am not as bad as I could be as I don’t go out buying loads of stationary, however I do admire it from afar a lot.  I then buy plain notepads for actual use… in my defense I haven’t bought a notepad that I haven’t used in the past couple of years but the amount of times I have gone in to a shop or online to admire the pretty things is far too much (though 2020 certainly stopped that particular habit).  However, seeing these makes me happy.  The fact that they look so nice as well as the possibilities that exist.  All the things I could write in these notepads or all that I could write with those nice pens (yet I pick up a plain biro or fine line pens to write things down).  Plus if you see a nice pen it can just make you smile because it isn’t plain and ordinary. 

What are some of your happy things? Let me know in the comments. Hopefully today will be a happy day for you!

5 thoughts on “The Happy Things

  1. Never knew there was such a thing as Blue Monday till I read your blog, but glad to see you have plenty of things going on to make you feel the opposite.

    Gaming, a warm cup of tea and move nights in bed are the ones for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Games, warm cups of tea and movie nights sound great!

      Blue Monday may be a UK thing, but essentially it does also seem to be attempting to try to sell holidays and things like that. I just like using it as a reason to think of the happier things!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll admit that prior to seeing it here and since mentioned a couple times today on Twitter, I’d never heard of Blue Monday…

    Love the LEGO sets! And is that a chocobo? 😲

    My wife, coffee, pizza, music are all things(people) I end up relying on too much for some sort of comfort and happiness. Of course….there’s video games as well, whether it’s: blogging, streaming or just sitting in front of the tv playing them. The addition of blogging and streaming have definitely made an impact in the short time since starting out…🎮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is an Easter chick but if you think of it as a Chocobo it could be.

      Blue Monday is basically a scheme to sell holidays and that sort of thing, it may br a UK thing as well but I’m not sure.

      Blogging and streaming definitely makes such an impact! Glad you have such good things for comfort and happiness.

      Liked by 1 person

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