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Seriously Geeky Sundays – The One With The Friends

Whilst the title makes you think of the TV show Friends, I am glad to see that Just Geeking By just couldn’t resist the name. Even more exciting is that tomorrow is Winnie The Pooh day which celebrates A. A. Milne and his stories and takes place on his birthday. This means the group of friends inspiring this post is Winnie and pals, who I adored as a child (and still now!) as we celebrate friendships in fandoms.

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In the last fandom you enjoyed, what was your favourite friendship?

I’m playing Yakuza Kiwami at the moment and whilst it might not be a traditional friendship I love the dynamic between Kiryu and Majima. The respect that Majima shows, albeit in his own way by jumping out or running up to have a fight, and the care he has for Kiryu and returning Kiryu to being the true Dragon of Dojima again. They might not be the most traditional friends, perhaps they aren’t actually friends, but there is a type of friendship there and I adore how it comes across. Majima pushes Kiryu to be the best that he can be, checks in on Kiryu (in some rather odd ways but he checks in), and they end up spending some good time together (admittedly a lot of it is spent fighting). Kiryu comes to enjoy learning more about Majima through seeing what they have in common and that Kiryu himself is learning his old moves and being pushed to grow as a fighter again. Their relationship is intriguing and quite funny when you have one coming up with schemes and plans for surprises and the other rather confused by the whole situation.

Which character(s) would you like to be best friends with?

A screenshot of a photo of the main characters from Final Fantasy XV, left to right showing Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus.

I would love to be friends with the Final Fantasy XV characters. My top two would be Prompto and Ignis, however I would love to be friends with Noctis, Gladio and Lunafreya as well. Prompto as he doubts himself but takes wonderful photos and is such an enthusiastic friend and Ignis for his care and consideration is always seen and the food he could teach you about which always looks amazing.

Which fictional friendship has stood the test of time in your eyes?

Team Rocket and Pirate dressed Pikachu plushies.
The Pikachus are watching!

Ash and Pikachu! This is a friendship that stands the test of time for me. What started as a rather stubborn Pikachu and Ash, who was quite stubborn in his own way, developed into best friends who work together through it all. Travelling to new areas, meeting new people and finding new Pok­émon, and they take on whatever they come across together.

Reimagine a group of friends as Winnie and friends; who is Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore?

Thinking about the characters of Frozen, I would say Anna is quite like Tigger especially when the castle opens up again. She gets so excited, is sometimes distracted and can be quite impulsive by bouncing into an idea like a marriage to someone she just met. Elsa is somewhere between Piglet and Eeyore. She withdraws but is still loved by her friends who try to include her even if she is not wanting to be involved like Eeyore, and then she also seems to be constantly thinking of options like Piglet. Olaf has the imagination of Christopher Robin, though is also as adorable as Winnie The Pooh.

Sometimes friendships don’t last; which fictional friendships do you miss?

Two characters, both androids, are separated by a glass wall. One assisting with police investigations and one kept in custody.

Depending on what happens within your playthrough, this friendship may last until the end or may not be a friendship at all. However, one that I miss is Connor and Hank in Detroit: Become Human. I still haven’t managed to have them friends until the end. I may have had some disasters along the way that affected their relationship, however I love seeing them become friends. Despite his reservations and clear initial distrust of androids, Connor can become his friend and technically (one day I will achieve it!) you can remain Hank’s friend as Connor. Again, depending on your ending, Hank or Connor or both may not be present at the end of the game which of course puts a dampener on the friendship. I want more Hank and Connor. Friends and partners in their investigations.

Pick a fandom where the main cast is made up of teenagers/young adults and reimagine them in a Friends-esque sitcom. Who is living together? Who dated who? Etc.

I have been struggling with this question. To the point that I am not able to think of a good group to reimagine. So, I’m going to skip this for now (I may return to this question in a future Seriously Geeky Sundays post or a catch up one).

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