Screenshot Saturday – Heartbreak Strikes

Playing a Yakuza game can mean lots of time spent in minigames. This is how I spent a large portion of my time in Yakuza 0, and now with Yakuza Kiwami I am perhaps doing less of the minigames but I still have my hours in there.

After being sent a riddle about having a ball… I venture to the Bowling Alley. In real life I love bowling. I have no real skill and the bumpers stay up (you don’t want to see me fail every frame) but it is just good fun. Sadly my lack of skill in bowling also translates to Yakuza Kiwami. After several practices prior to my competition with Majima, in our match I ended up with… absolute heartbreak.

A single bowling pin remains in the front centre position

I mean what even is that?!

I did eventually beat Majima with 2 strikes and a shout of excitement.

Victory at bowling against Majima. Kiryu stands to the left and Majima looks down to the right of the screen. Win is written in gold above the scoreboard. Kiryu won with 65 points to Majima's 35 points.

So, be the ball (and be two sort of friends competing at bowling instead of fighting).

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