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Seriously Geeky Sundays – New Year, New Fandoms

It is a new year, so sometimes we think of this as a new start or a perfect time to get some new routines in place. So, this is the perfect time to stay up to date with Seriously Geeky Sundays! Yes, it is back (technically didn’t go anywhere for those keeping up to date unlike me) and there are new questions and themes. As always, check out Just Geeking By for the inspiration and full details for Seriously Geeky Sundays and get involved if you wish.

This week focuses on the new year and looking forward to a year of new fandoms and new entertainment experiences.

Let’s start big; what release are you most looking forward to this year?

The one that I am most excited about is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. So I am actually most excited for the remaster of three games that I have played before. I am hopeful that this does release this year, but am wary of thinking of release schedules as set given some of the expected delays we have seen. Other releases I am looking forward to are Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga, Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok and I am intrigued by Final Fantasy XVI and Riders Republic.

Of course I have to put a Horizon Zero Dawn screenshot here! Horizon Forbidden West will hopefully bring more photos and screenshots.

What new release this year are you not that hyped up about?

Pretty much everything else. I’m not sure what I feel like I want to experience this year from new games, or any other media. As we go through the year I may become more hyped by other things, especially when others are announced or perhaps confirmed for this year, but for now there is quite a lot that I’m not hyped by.

A new year often means new characters, what upcoming character are you looking forward to meeting?

I am looking forward to meeting characters that may have actually released last year but I am hoping to meet this year. For example, I hope the meet the Bugsnax characters and Miles Morales this year in their respective games. I’d also like to meet the new Final Fantasy characters as that should be exciting.

I played my first Final Fantasy game in 2020 so maybe 2021 will bring more!

Tell us about something that has been on your backlog/to-do list for a while that you’re going to try to get to this year.

Honestly, just pick a game on my backlog and hopefully I will get to some more of them this year. I want to try to finish my second Final Fantasy game (I’ve been playing IX on and off for a while now) and begin another. I would also like to play some more indie games this year.

Thinking of a fandom you follow regularly, what event or moment (big or small) do you hope happens this year?

The big one would be some sort of gaming event or comic con. I would love to attend one, either for the first time or again depending on the event, however only if it is safe to do so. If these have to be online then it would be fun to see what people and organisers come up with.

Keeping organised?

In the spirit of resolutions, do you have any geeky ones?

My main goal is that this year I will be more regular with blogging and with streaming. I have ideas and goals for what I want to do as a minimum with both of these and hope I can continue with that. Though streaming I need my confidence up a little as that go live button hasn’t been pressed yet this year!

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