Year in Review – 2020 edition

2020 has been the most unique year I think I have ever experienced.  I doubt anyone will be able to forget all that has gone on this year between lockdowns, increased restrictions and suddenly getting used to working from home or learning the word “furlough”.

This year had started in a tough way at the GD household for personal reasons, so actually the whole pandemic and lockdown was a welcome change.  For once we weren’t thinking about all the bad things personally.  Lockdown also worked well for me because I found ways to work on my mental health.  That went downhill when retail (non-essential) reopened but that is a separate issue.  

I started streaming this year.  Testing the waters in March and starting properly (and regularly in April).  This has been amazing and is one of my favourite things to do.  Since July it has been tough to fit in and balance streaming and everything else that being an adult requires.  I haven’t got this right for me since I feel happiest streaming multiple times a week but my schedule sometimes means that isn’t possible.  

It feels awkward doing a round up post without mentioning that I did manage to complete far more games than average this year.  I streamed a lot of them too!  After an unintended blog hiatus I lost track of my month in game posts and didn’t keep fully accurate notes because I was silly.  

Total games played in 2020*: 87

*to the best of my memory

Favourite games from 2020: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Two Point Hospital, Murder By Numbers, Cat Quest 2

Favourite games that I played for the first time in 2020 (from any other year): Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Final Fantasy XV

The blog has reached some fantastic milestones despite a rather inconsistent blogger at the controls.  This year has been wonderful and reminded me how much I love blogging even if I am rarely organised with it.  In 2021, I would love to say I will definitely be more organised but this may not be the case.  I can hope, try to be more organised and maybe it will work out.  Otherwise, well it will be more of this!  

Thank you for visiting, commenting, liking or checking in on a stream over the past year.  Happy 2021 to you all and may this year be something good for you. 

7 thoughts on “Year in Review – 2020 edition

  1. 2020 was a brilliant year to me for discovering Gamingdiaries! Starting from the Later Levels streams and becoming aware of ‘don’t be like that GD’ in chat, to my first time visiting your stream (you were playing Unravel Two) and realising how awesome a person the voice of reason is.

    Then watching your streams religiously from there on, all the great laughs, all the wholesome polite Batman and ‘OK, this way’ moments.

    Thank you so much for all the fun last year, I can’t imagine what it would have been like without it!

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    1. Thank you Phil! Honestly think you are also giving me far too much credit but it has been amazing having you there and getting to know you better. Also you being there for all the moments like polite Batman and ok this way.

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    1. 87 is my best estimate. I have definite numbers for PS and Xbox, Nintendo is a bit more vague so took it to the best guess for which ones I played in 2020. Game Pass is both good and bad for my game playing haha!

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