Goodbye Twitch Sings

It is the end of an era, Twitch Sings has officially hung up the microphone and closed up its virtual karaoke bar.  I was not a regular Twitch Sings performer but I thoroughly enjoyed my time singing my heart out on stream.  So today I say goodbye Twitch Sings.  

The Twitch Sings loading screen. It has the Twitch logo and sings in an orange colour. Finding your audience is written below.  A purple door with light above it and neon style arrow pointing towards it.

My first experiences of Twitch Sings were done off stream.  I did not need to go live as I just wanted to test the possibility.  It sounded fun.  But could I, a person with low confidence and a lack of singing ability, actually broadcast this?  Testing out a few songs was fun and listening to them back afterwards allowed me to see that I wasn’t as bad as I thought and that the fun I had outweighed the nerves.  Also part of the charm of Twitch Sings is that anyone can go live with it.  You didn’t need to be a professional singer or even have talent.  You could just have fun like you were doing karaoke with some friends or singing along to the radio or singing in the shower but on Twitch

I first did a Twitch Sings livestream before lockdown ended for me.  I was due back at work with the reopening of non-essential retail on the following Monday, so as a goodbye stream I used Twitch Sings on the Friday.  It was a fun goodbye to my regular streaming as well as something very different for me.  I believe it surprised a few people!  Even I was surprised how much I enjoyed singing live and that I didn’t care that I probably hadn’t set up the volume and sound correctly, my tune was probably off or I was singing the wrong words.  I felt joyful.  It was a wonderful celebration and quite exciting as a prospect for me.  I had got to a point where I had the confidence to go live with that.  That, for me, is a huge personal boost.

The Twitch Sings Home screen with the goodbye message showing it ceasing to broadcast on Jan 1st 2021.  It has stream quests, featured new releases and the general menu for songs, community, open mic, parties and avatar options.

Some songs were fast favourites to sing and some have become ingrained in my mind for how (surprisingly) challenging they are.  Prince Ali from Aladdin is so much easier in my head than it is to sing.  I had a blast doing the rap from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  It was very clear that none of us in chat had knowledge of the parts that were not used in the TV show.  However on my first attempt I got three stars (the maximum amount) even with the mess up of not knowing a whole section and attempting it as best I could.  Singing Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid takes me back and I still adore this song.  I even did a very angry rendition of Perfect by Pink which was hilarious to listen back to.  So if you ever doubt yourself imagine me telling you that are are f***ing perfect (angrily).  That was a brilliant song to sing as it was so outside my comfort zone of happy, no swearing songs but a song I really enjoyed doing. 

On other attempts I tried various songs I had never knowingly heard before.  Some I ended up recognising, whilst others I actually tracked down to listen to properly afterwards.  Twitch Sings has introduced me to new (old) songs.  New experiences.  A new found joy within karaoke and singing and some new level of confidence.  Of course, I also found new songs and new favourites.  

Other songs I enjoyed singing were Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone) in the style of Pitch Perfect, anything Amy MacDonald or Owl City, Take On Me in the style of A-Ha, Teenage Kicks in the style of The Undertones and Zombie in the style of either The Cranberries or Bad Wolves.  

My Twitch Sings avatar.  A woman with long purple hair, blue eyes, a pink checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, blue jeans and purple trainers.

Though singing Hakuna Matata in French was an experience.  Thanks to Ace Asunder for that suggestion.  It didn’t go as poorly as you might imagine, although I still feel bad for anyone who actually speaks or sings in French for having me attempt that song.  

So goodbye Twitch Sings!  I’ll miss the laughs, the songs, the chat… the random suggestions that appeared mid-song that I rarely attempted (or panicked when it removed the lyrics).  You were fantastic whilst you lasted and I’m glad I got the chance to perform.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Twitch Sings

  1. That was really an awesome stream and I didn’t know Twitch Sings existed until then, so thank you for everything! It felt like a party stream, definitely going to miss it. Sad bears.

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