Screenshot Saturday – London Calling

It has been a while since I did any sort of Screenshot Saturday post and I miss them. Plus this gives me a reason for all the screenshots I take! I love sharing what I have seen in games and this is my way to do it. So let us go check out where I have been visiting in game.

A screenshot looking across the Thames from Southbank to the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower. Reflections are shown in the river, the sky is grey but the lights on the building are lit up and the Albion sign and threat level are visible on the tower.

This screenshot comes from Watch Dogs Legion (Xbox) looking out over the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower. This has been satisfying my desire to go and be a tourist in London again. I have been running around and seeing the sights, just within game instead of real life. It is a much safer way to do it currently and this London is a bit quieter in some of the tourist areas than I have ever experienced. Admittedly I may have to actually spend some time on the story and missions rather than just exploring!

It is fantastic taking a stroll through London and seeing the sights. Some of the places I have visited in real life look so realistic in the game and it is wonderful to see. This screenshot shows one of the most recognisable places and it looks fantastic. Turning to night the Houses of Parliament seem lit up by the lights and seems so colourful compared to the rest of the scene.

5 thoughts on “Screenshot Saturday – London Calling

  1. So great to see this game being used this way, has some beautiful views of the capital especially at night. Not sure how far you’ve progressed clearing the missions but when you liberate the boroughs it strips some of the neon lighting and signs away from the prominent landmark buildings giving them their classical look.

    It may be a personal thing but bugged me a little with the signs and stuff on the outside so was pleased to see that removed when they became ‘free’

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    1. Yes I have now got all the boroughs liberated and it was so nice to see the Albion signs being removed. Now you get to see the landmarks as they are actually. Not that it stopped me going oooh I’ve been there before they were restored! It is such a good game to be a tourist in because it is so realistic and having actually visited and spent time in London there is a lot I recognise that looks so real to me. It can hopefully keep me entertained whenever I want to visit until I’m able to again.


  2. Awesome photo, I love that you’re enjoying the game in this way too! I actually like the ‘SEVERE’ warning plastered over the Elizabeth Tower as it’s so relevant to today, albeit for health reasons rather than terrorism…

    There’s some really funny and quirky moments in the game, particularly the dialogue with Bagley where some of it was written by YouTuber Yahtzee Croshaw who creates the Zero Punctuation series (worth checking out but may not be for everyone).

    There are some interesting stories in the missions so I hope you get to play the entire game through!

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    1. I have finished Watching Dogs Legion (not all the collectibles but missions) and Bagley is just so good. I did have to take myself away from just walking round London to do that much haha. I’m leaving collectibles for when I decide I want to visit London again as its going to be quite some time before that happens again in real life.

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