#CreativeChristmasCollab – A community of joy

This year there has been a delightful elf getting us all in a community Christmas spirit.  That elf is the wonderful Chris, of OverThinkerY and of course his official author site as well.  The idea behind this collaboration was to receive a random piece from another community member, say something about them and their piece in whatever method you choose and someone else will do the same for you and so on.  It gets us to know each other and perhaps even find some new blogs that we might not have met yet.  So many thanks to Chris for coming up with this event and for matching people up. 

The person I received is the lovely WC Robinson, who covers reviews and opinions on games, films and TV.    The first thing that always strikes me when I see them around the community is how friendly they are. Whilst I can’t remember how I first came across them, they are always there to see what everyone else is up to and checking in on the community.

This post on Celeste and how it tackles anxiety was the one sent over as part of the collaboration. This is not a game I have played, though one I have been interested in, so I was slightly nervous to read due to spoilers. However, it has not dulled my interest in the game. In fact, I think it has made me want to play it more. The way it is all described in the post shows how impactful a game Celeste is and how well they have introduced the telling of Madeline’s anxiety and her journey. The writing of this post also reflects how sensitive the subject is and how well it is done within the game itself. Sometimes, it seems very difficult as a blogger to write about these topics and games in a suitable way and William manages this perfectly.

I am also really enjoying the “Let’s Chat” segments as it is nice to see discussions around various topics, recently the new generation of consoles with owners of the consoles, but going back to other discussions of Bethesda or Fall Guys round rankings. It is a great series, which when you add different people and their views can really bring some new thoughts and ideas in.

As someone who loves a good photo mode or screenshot, William has us covered with the gaming photo album section. I’m personally hoping for some more of these posts! We all need beautiful photos in our life, and games can be perfect places to find these. Now excuse me whilst I go take a note at all the games where I can get distracted by photo mode….

I also really admire anyone who managed to post on a schedule so full congratulations for this being achievable! I hope to one day follow in your footsteps with having a schedule. Plus having the posts all looking perfect with the setup of the post, it is such good work. Thank you for being such a great blogger and someone who is just such a nice person to see around, I hope you have a fantastic year next year in all your creative adventures and general life things.

4 thoughts on “#CreativeChristmasCollab – A community of joy

  1. Awh, thanks so much for the kind words, I appreciate it! I am definitely planning to do more Gaming Photo Album posts; now I have my Series S I am finding it even easier to constantly hit the screenshot button aha! They’re on the way 😉 Merry Christmas!

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