The Achievement Diaries: General Thoughts on Trophies

Back in June, I decided to have a look at trophy/achievement hunting with some specific and some more general goals.  Some time has passed, more achievements and trophies have been found so let’s talk about how things have changed and what my thoughts are now.

Firstly, I now get why some people say PlayStation trophies feel different to Xbox achievements.  Since Xbox builds their achievements into a score you can just look at that and it doesn’t matter if you have played 100 games to 100% or 1000 games to 10% as both could theoretically result in the same score. Whereas trophies give a more visual representation by giving you that platinum trophy, of which if you look at your trophy list you can see quite clearly.  Platinum’s are appealing, or at least they are when you have nearly all the trophies already.

A Concrete Genie screenshot from PS4.  It shows Ash with their paintbrush and a genie on the wall with some painted designs around it.  The trophy is called "My happy place".

I am managing to actually achieve some of my goals that I set myself and they didn’t turn out as difficult as I thought.  I have increased my completion percentage for PlayStation quite easily.  Partially due to still playing other games and getting trophies in them, partially due to streaming and certain streams have been trophy central (for example the Concrete Genie streams) as well as trying to finish some games more fully.  Now my percentage for PlayStation in particular has gone from 45% to 57%.

I added in getting to 88% trophy completion in Ratchet & Clank, which I have abandoned the platinum attempt for now as it is races I have left to do and I’m not skilled at them.  I also got the platinum in Concrete Genie.  I’ve been going back through Horizon Zero Dawn and gained the platinum as well as 100% in the trophies for Frozen Wilds feats and quests and even doing the New Game + playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty to ensure I got 100% of trophies available.

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn holds her hands together in a heart shape as you can see her eye through the centre of the heart.  The sky is blue, and there are rocks and lamps in the background.

Xbox wise I was just enjoying playing Zoo Tycoon again.  To be honest I hadn’t looked at what I needed to do before going back and just wanted some time with it again.  I’m back to playing for achievements and it’s my relaxing game now. I have been working my way through the achievements that are a bit of a grind.  For instance, releasing one of every animal to the wild and breeding each type of animal.  However challenge mode has been good fun and ends with a nice boost of gamerscore which I am still working towards at the moment. I now have two achievements left to get in this game and will be so happy if I do achieve it.  

It seems to be harder to boost the completion percentage on Xbox, however this may be because I haven’t gone back to as many games on this yet.  Progress with this may be slow but I have obviously increased my gamerscore so that works out nicely too.  On Xbox I’m more likely to start more games so could really do with going back to some to increase the completion percentage which would help overall.  I enjoy trying new games so this could be a hard habit to break if I was to get more involved in achievement hunting.  I have so far jumped from 44% to just under 46% so it is obviously a harder task and my Xbox habits don’t help matters.

The "Brains" trophy screenshot from Ratchet and Clank PS4 game.  It has Ratchet and Clank facing each other with the scientist NPC in the background.

Am I enjoying this extra bit of focus on trophies and achievements?  Yes sometimes, with some specific requirements.  I enjoyed replaying Lost Legacy for some more trophies because I loved that experience and wanted to see everything and still want to go back and do some more.  I did the same with Ratchet & Clank because I wasn’t done with that game and wanted to play and do everything (though those times trophies are a pain and the reason why I’m not getting the platinum).  Horizon Zero Dawn is one I had wanted to go back to and I loved playing again so that works for me. 

Going back to games I enjoyed, or sticking with games I had finished for a bit longer to do some extra things, has been wonderful and I would say I would take these specific cases and take my trophy/achievement searches to games I feel a similar way about.  For instance, am I ever going to return to Pikiminu for the achievements?  No.  That game didn’t click with me and I didn’t want to finish it because I wasn’t enjoying it.  Could I have finished it for more achievements?  Of course, but I don’t want to force myself to finish games I’m not enjoying or to play games again if I don’t want to. 

Do you hunt for trophies or achievements or do you not bother about them? Let me know in the comments.

Full credit goes to Phil for the title.  Not quite the name change that he had hoped for but it did make a good series title for trophy/achievement themed posts!

6 thoughts on “The Achievement Diaries: General Thoughts on Trophies

  1. I used to only think about getting all the achievements or trophies in a game if it was something that I absolutely loved and wanted to play even more after finishing the main story(God of War, Spider-Man). However, it’s turned into more of a conscious effort to pick up all of, or at least as many as possible when playing games now. I mean, I started writing blog posts solely about which trophies/achievements I’ve collected thanks to two nameless individuals….🤔

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    1. Yes those two individuals who shall remain nameless… they have a lot to answer for haha! They have definitely got me thinking about what games I value enough to go back to and gain more from and what is actually possible for me to do. Though those two people have managed to get me more trophies/achievements and some blog ideas out of it so it all works out!

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  2. This sounds sorta silly but I think one of my favorite parts of the trophy system on PS4 is that it takes a screencap of the moment you earned the trophy…

    Feels good scrolling through trophies and seeing what you’ve earned so far.

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  3. Definitely feels different on each system, as on Microsoft there is not that final award for getting all the Trophies, so perhaps at times there is less pressure? I do enjoy getting that Platinum to sit next to a game I adore though. A way to show to people the games you really enjoyed 🙂


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