When 3, 100 and 500 celebrate together

August was a big month for me in terms of blogging and streaming.  This post was meant to be prepared and ready last month but writing turned out really difficult.  Instead today I want to celebrate (with an unexpected extra thrown in by chance too).  

On the 8th August it was my blogging anniversary.  This marked three years since I started the blog and began this journey.  Things have changed, the amount of ideas and draft posts have certainly increased and despite needing breaks from blogging at times I know that I always want to come back to it.  

Also in August I celebrated reaching 100 followers on Twitch and reaching 500 followers of this blog.  Both were a brilliantly timed surprise as I couldn’t have planned it better myself.  Thank you to everyone who has followed me on Twitch or this blog (or both) or every read/watched what I have done.  

Then we come to the extra celebration.  This post.  It is actually also my 200th post.  

So 3 years, 100 Twitch followers, 500 blog followers and 200 blog posts walked into a bar… and what I got was a celebration and joy.  I’m still hoping for many more and have plans for updates, new posts, and assorted things that I want to change to make this blog (and my Twitch channel) better in terms of what I want from them and what I want to present.  

To celebrate the last few years and my moments through being GD/Gaming Diaries I thought I could share some of the pieces I still love and have been proud to take part in.  

My Crash Bandicoot rambles. I do love Crash and I am so excited to see what the new game brings us next month.

Talking about Aloy for Normal Happenings. I am always thrilled to see the collaborations going on in the community and this was a fantastic one.

Creative Christmas and Blogmas have been fantastic events again, thanks to the wonderful Later Levels and AmbiGaming for both of these.

Ok this way – the original and (one of) the best clips on my channel – shows a lot of what I can provide on my channel. This makes me laugh still.

Swooshy dress and Batman goes together right? Well yes so lets swoosh.

Rawr I’m a dinosaur because I wanted to combine Zoo Tycoon with a dinosaur impression (obviously).

Thanks for all the love, support and friendship over the years. I hope there is so much more to come. I have the plans, now just to put them into action!

8 thoughts on “When 3, 100 and 500 celebrate together

  1. Good lord. Bit jealous of that. We’ve been blogging for the same amount of time, but you have 4 times the follower count. Evidently you’re a lot better at marketing yourself than I am. XD

    Congrats on the numerous milestones! It’s well deserved. 🙂


  2. This is so awesome! Well done on all of these achievements – I’ve loved reading your stuff over the last 3 years and can’t wait to see what is next 🙂


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