A Completion 4 Years in the Making

Ah Quantum Break.  When I first saw details about this game I thought it sounded brilliant.  The focus on story and good action mixed.  The game meets TV show intrigued me and I was excited to try it out. 



I did.  For the first time in July 2016.  I was young(er) then and full of optimism for this game.  I loved the story, I found the action easy enough on normal difficulty, give or take a few attempts on the ‘Juggernauts’.  At least that was the case right up until the final boss.  That’s where I got stuck.  To the point that I was so annoyed with myself that I could not just finish it that I uninstalled the game and returned it to a shelf for it to remain.  Though it has not been picked up other than to be passed from shelf to box to shelf a few times in the past few years I didn’t want to get rid of it.


Now 4 years have passed and I came back to it, partially inspired by my recent Have You Ever post and partially by Control.  I want to play this but it didn’t feel right having not completed Quantum Break (officially) to start Control.  I mean logically there is no reason for Control to require me to have played Quantum Break but I felt that I should.  I should say that this same logic does not apply to Alan Wake which I have never played even though a code came with my copy of Quantum Break so take what you wish from my decision making and logic regarding Remedy games. 


After 4 years of it being unfinished is it good to go back to?  Is it good to finally see the end?  


The hardest thing for me in returning to Quantum Break was the installation time.  Here I am only slightly kidding.  It isn’t a small game and when I decided to install it it seemed like my Internet had decided for itself that this decision was a bad one.  My internet seemed to actively be trying to discourage me from reinstalling it but I installed it regardless.  Actually the hardest thing was seeing that my save file existed in the cloud and was showing me at Act 5 Part 3.  I knew that was where I was but somehow having the game warn me that I would lose all progress by hitting the new game button was disappointing.  I absolutely would not be able to jump in at the final boss on a game I last played in 2016 but removing that save was hard. 


However, staying up late at the beginning of the month I returned to Act 5 Part 3.  This time I had the benefits of time, experience, and an easier difficulty on my side.  I’d done this (partially) before so I’d actually be able to do it this time… right?  Well yes.  Thankfully.


It turns out when you complete a game after 4 years you do have this sense of pride as it is finally done.  However, you also get a sense of frustration all over again because you were so close way back in 2016 to the end of the game.  It is annoying that this has been unfinished for so long that close to the end.  However, maybe this was the perfect time to finally complete it.  If nothing else it will always be a memorable game to me! 


Finally my Quantum Break experience reached the end, the credits and the final scene.  Thank you easy mode and/or an extra 4 years worth of gaming experience to give me the skills to complete Quantum Break.  Now back to the shelf you go!  


Control… please don’t get any ideas about making me spend 4 years working on my skills to complete you. 


10 thoughts on “A Completion 4 Years in the Making

  1. “I was younger then and full of optimism” is way too familiar with some games😂

    I had a similar experience with Majora’s Mask on my N64 way back in the year 2000. I got about 3/4 the way through it before getting kinda lost/stuck and never finished the game until 2011 or so.

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    1. Haha I’m glad that bit is very relatable! It is definitely what it feels like.

      Thats really good you finished after all that time. There’s always the chance when you come back to it that it will go better than before. These experiences definitely make the games memorable haha.

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  2. I loved Quantum Break, glad you’ve finished. If you enjoyed it, pretty sure you’ll like Control. Although there were some parts that I found very frustrating, so I hope you don’t get into the same experience!

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    1. I loved the story both times round. It is so worth it. I know I will love Control, I’ve watched bits of it and it looks so good. Hopefully my years more gaming experience helps with any frustrating parts! Or just having completed Quantum Break helps.

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  3. It took me around 5 years to beat Assassin’s Creed 2 because I would get frustrated with a mission and put it down for months. I completely understand that mix of emotions when it’s finally over.

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    1. Its so weird, I wasn’t expecting mixed emotions when I got it done. At least its done now! And I’m glad you finished Assassin’s Creed 2 as well. I dread to think what other games I have stuck in my backlog because I put them down over an annoying mission or battle and just haven’t gone back to.

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