Seriously Geeky Sundays: Summer Time

Here in the UK it is the summer (officially) and in the last few weeks we have had anything from a heatwave to storms.  So take from that what you wish about our weather and summers.  However, this Seriously Geeky Sunday by Just Geeking By we are thinking about summer fun and tropical weather.   At least in our dreams it can be perfectly sunny.  Just imagine a beach, the sun and sea. 




What is your favourite summer movie?

I don’t watch a lot of films.  I tend to go through phases with films.  I either watch none or see some regularly.  I think of a lot of animated films or cheesy rom-coms as my summer films.  I think The Little Mermaid has to have a mention as well as films like Bride Wars.  Though I haven’t watched many rom-coms in the last year so had to really think for that one.  Maybe this summer is the time to get back to watching some.


What is your favourite summer scene/moment from a fandom? This could be something specific to hot weather i.e. trip to the beach or a holiday/road trip, or something that happened during the summertime.

It’s not a favourite because it’s good.  This is a favourite because it’s so dramatic.  In Criminal Minds there is an episode in Season 1 where the team tries to take a summer break.  There’s even two team members abroad on a beach.  Given it is Criminal Minds there is a killer, twists and turns and you know the end to the summer relaxing but the two parts of the Fisher King episodes are so good.  The build up, the tension and the clues all adding together really work.  I love the extremes of the relaxing beach holiday (for Elle and Derek) turning into work.  Maybe this isn’t ideal for this question but it is a side of summer where not everything goes perfectly and sometimes you just don’t get that perfectly planned break you hoped for. 


Crash Bandicoot on the beach at the beginning of the game
Crash Bandicoot on the beach


What is your favourite fictional tropical location?

Now tropical locations are a tricky one for me.  In my head all I can think of are cities, especially crumbling ones recently…. So I’m choosing the fabulous (and ever so slightly perilous) N. Sanity Island from Crash Bandicoot.  The first island on the first game.  You start on a nice beach and then things go from there really.  It might not be the safest place to visit but over the years I have spent so much time here that I love it.


If you could go on holiday to any fictional place where would it be?

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180929171929

Can I choose New York from Spider-Man?  Ever so slightly cheating as I would like to visit New York in real life and this way I could maybe see Spider-Man swinging through the city.  A more appropriate answer that is actually a fictional place is any of the Pokemon regions.  I would love to visit these as each has so much to offer and you could meet trainers and see Pokemon in the wild.  




Which fictional characters would you choose for a road trip?

I would love to take along people like Prompto (Final Fantasy XV) for capturing the best photos, Liara (Mass Effect) for knowing where to go and facts about where we are, Joy (Inside Out) for the constant enthusiasm and excitement, and Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds) for the best friend and company. 


Pick a fandom and create an ice cream flavour based on it!

All I can think of is the ice cream stream over on In Third Persons Twitch channel.  That or chocolate.  Anything is better if it is chocolatey.  Realistically for every fandom it needs some sort of chocolate aspect.  


What are you hoping for this summer?

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