Sunshine Blogger Award

I am back with a tag post that has been sat in my drafts for way too long (though sadly not the oldest one). The lovely Liv over at All Things Liv nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award back in September with some great questions and finally I am catching up with it.  


Sunshine Blogger Awards have some rules as follows: 

Thank the person who nominated you in the blog and link back to them.

Answer their 11 questions.

Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post or on your blog.


Now onto the fun part.  The questions…. 


If you owned a zoo which 3 animals would you pick to be in it?

Firstly, I would pick Penguins.  I love seeing them.  There is so much to learn about them.  

My second choice would be Kangaroos.

As my third animal I feel like I have to say monkeys (thanks to the happy monkey from my Zoo Tycoon streams).


Best video game you have ever played if any?

A lot of this depends on what I have been playing recently or what I played at the “right” time for me.  The game that holds a lot of magic for me would be Crash Bandicoot back on the PS1 and Pokémon Blue.  These aren’t necessarily the best now but they are still some of the best games I have played.  Similarly I love Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and think they are amongst the best games I have ever played. 


Chocolate or Sweets?


It really depends on the type of chocolate and the type of sweets.  However, the chocolate is probably edging a win at the moment.  Mainly because I still have some mini eggs left from Easter and I got a Toblerone recently. 


Favourite movie genre?

Probably comedy or action but I don’t watch that many films. 


What is your dream holiday destination and why?

There are so many places I would love to visit, maybe I’ll tick a few of these off the wishlist one day.  

Canada – I would love to see many places but realise the size of Canada means this would have to be multiple trips or really well planned.  It seems like such an amazing country to visit so one day hopefully.  

New Zealand – the beauty of both islands in the very different things they offer just make me want to visit and travel and there. 

Italy – everytime I hear about someone who has been there or seen their photos I’m always slightly jealous.  Their experiences always seem so wonderful so I would just like to see it for myself.  


Takeaway of choice? (Chinese, Pizza etc)

Chip shop all the way.  


Favourite place to shop?

I have mentioned that I love Insert Coin before and they are my favourite online shop and I think my favourite shop in general.  I love their t-shirts, pins and pretty much everything on their site.  


Favourite Disney character?

Brave the video game

Merida is probably top at the moment.  However honorable mentions to Ariel, Rapunzel, Olaf and Thumper.  There could be so many more mentions but I’ll stop there before this becomes a Disney takeover post.


Doughnuts or Cake?

I love chocolate cake.  That wins.  Doughnuts are great but they can’t beat chocolate cake.


Favourite social media platform?

I think Twitter.   I love that you can connect with people on there and find some great people to interact with.  Plus (at least with gaming twitter) you can sometimes find out about good games and good deals for games.  Though Instagram is probably my next favourite because the accounts I follow are either bloggers, artists, geeks, gamers or cats.  So scrolling that either gives me cat/pet pictures, game screenshots or figures or artwork for the most part.  It works amazingly well for nice things. 


Do you collect anything? (Pins, figures, comics etc)

Team Rocket and Pirate dressed Pikachu plushies.
The Pikachus are watching!

Yes.  I collect quite a few things.  I have a small collection of pin badges, a few Funko Pops, some games and a few figures or plushies.  Perhaps “some games” is underestimating that but there are always more out there right. (Also applies to the badges, Pops and assorted figures)


If you want to take part the considered yourself tagged.  I will leave some questions for you below should you wish to.


Questions for anyone interested:

What is your favourite animated film?

What is your dream job?

If you could have one ability from a game what would it be?

What is one game that you didn’t expect to like but ended up loving?

Single player or multiplayer?

Who is a character that you would love to learn more about?

Who is your favourite villain?

What is your favourite quote from a game?

If you could recommend one soundtrack to someone what would it be?

What hobby/thing would you love to try?

Dogs or cats?

(Replace game with film/TV show/book etc if you prefer)

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. How do you still have chocolate left from Easter?! That’s some impressive self control there.
    Really funny I’ve been wanting to go to Canada and New Zealand for a while now too they look like amazing countries, just so far away!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s called hiding it from myself haha. I left some in a cupboard that I generally don’t go into because its awkward so theres some for emergencies or you know summer.

      That is my problem too, they look amazing but expensive and so far away. Maybe one day though.


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