My Month in Games – June 2020

Phew!  June has been a very full on month.  I hope everyone is staying safe and is keeping well.  I have continued streaming a lot this month, playing a variety of games on and off stream and using my time to try to develop some new skills.  It’s been a fairly busy month though I still have lots of plans in the background that I want to get onto sometime soon.


So what games have I played this month?


There has been quite a few Game Pass adventures this month (again) so I will start off with them.  



Golf With Your Friends (Xbox One) has been one of my absolute favourite Game Pass treats.  This is an amazing crazy golf game with so many frustrating holes, near misses and absolute failures at getting anywhere near close to the hole.  I have played a little online but mostly on my own trying out all the courses and modes.  Dunk is so difficult but hockey is quite fun if you fancy something a bit different to classic crazy golf.  I can’t wait to play this with Mr GD… I just need more practice first! 


I started Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One) DLC with Episode Gladio, went back and did some of the quests in the main game that I hadn’t completed and then carried on with Episode Prompto.  I loved this Final Fantasy.  I admit this is my first Final Fantasy game but I loved the relationship between Noctis, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis.  I could spend time fishing, Prompto took amazing photos and Ignis would come up with recipes and make them.  Gladio loved to explore and then you got to find more/better items which always helps.  I need to move on but the emotions in the story especially as you got to the later chapters were amazing and despite being aware towards the end of what was bound to happen I wasn’t ready.  I still have quests to do and places to explore in the main game if I choose to. 



I did some more Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One). Again I still love the story and finding out what happened.  However, I struggle with the controls combined with being weightless and floating.  This isn’t just this game as I find this difficult generally (like The Outer Wilds and travel in that), so it is taking a long time to progress.  I may need to admit defeat with this one though but I still want to know more. 

I tried Pikuniku (Xbox One) as I saw it on Game Pass and thought it looked really sweet and fun.  It’s ok.  I’m glad I tried it but I also wasn’t really bothered by it.  I played through what I managed and whilst I could have gone and collected objects and done more (like finish it) I also wasn’t interested in spending more time with it.  It is a fairly short game if you want to play it but I think I’ve realised it isn’t the sort of game for me and that’s fine too.  Maybe I’ll finish it before it leaves game pass but it’s fine for now.


I discovered Hyper Dot (Xbox One) and watching the trailer I realised two things.  One that I would be terrible at this but also that I really wanted to play it.  So Game Pass you got me… it is that perfect just one more go, one more attempt, one more level game.  I can sit for one more attempt and still be there playing the game an hour later.  I am not a fan of the ice levels though!  It is simple to play and difficult to master in my opinion.  I’m really enjoying it but can confirm I am not very skilled at it.


The last Game Pass game needing mentioned this month is Rime (Xbox One).  I have thought about getting this for a while, but I was never sure.  So now is a good time to give it a go.  I’m really enjoying the puzzles although I am wary that lots of emotions are coming up.   


Uncharted™: The Lost Legacy_20200603161519

I’ve played Uncharted The Lost Legacy (PS4).  I completed the game on stream then jumped back in with Crushing difficulty.  Then, off stream have carried on with crushing as seeing me die multiple times may not make the most interesting streams.  I did finish it on Crushing so that’s an achievement for me!  This is my favourite Uncharted game overall.  I just love Nadine and Chloe together.  So Phil thank you for suggesting I play this (and even for suggesting crushing difficulty)! 


There have been some medical emergencies in my life, thankfully none like what occurs in Two Point Hospital (Xbox One). I love this.  I love creating chaos and then (mostly) fixing it. The puns and illness names amuse me and I love unlocking different items for the hospitals and getting them to 3 star ratings.  Soon I hope to win all the awards at an awards ceremony for a single hospital.  I can win most each time but I want them all at one time just once (please game, pretty please). 


Ratchet & Clank™_20200611175242

Another game from the backlog that I picked up this month was Ratchet and Clank (PS4). I love the humour, the weapons, the characters and the worlds.  It’s just great fun to play.  Why did this take me so long to start?  Then spotting a new one be included in the PS5 reveal event I think my timing for playing this is pretty amazing.


I went back to the zoo in Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection (Xbox One).  I missed this.  I did some challenge mode which was fun for a change. More animals, more photos, more customers and a few interesting moments.  There isn’t much more I can say about this except I love this and it’s my nice calm, happy place in game form.  Though the customers do complain a lot.    



A fun, kind of unusual and pun filled game that I picked up recently and tried out (and on stream) was I Am Bread (Xbox One).  Honestly other than you are bread and you want to become toast in the story mode I don’t know what to say.  It’s funny, a good laugh but the controls and coordination required mean that it was quite a tiring game for me.  I did give bagel racing a go as well which is fun but again I honestly finding the right words to describe it are so difficult.  The puns are brilliant when you get graded at the end of levels or races.  I commonly was told I “knead to do better”.


In another recommendation (again from Phil) I took on Concrete Genie (PS4). This was a beautiful story and experience.  However, playing this live and getting to a certain part was hard for me and my chat who all got hit with all the emotions.  It’s so beautiful and despite my difficulties with the controls the painting was good fun.  The genies are wonderful and I love them.  


Hearing about a new Crash Bandicoot game due out later this year I decided to have another play about with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (Xbox One).  I will never be good at this game, but for story mode and a few races every so often it is pretty fun.  I wish I had the skills for decent drifts but I don’t.  Maybe in time this will develop but I’ve been trying for years in many racing games to gain drift skills and they don’t come easily.  


I have started The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) and well I’ve sort of taken a break.  I get scared easily and the clickers seem perfectly willing to make sure I get a scare.  I am also terrible at stealth, so despite attempting to avoid as many enemies as possible I tend to end up in a fight.  I am thinking of playing with a support (Mr GD) in the room next time to make sure I remember to breathe and stay calm! 


I am alive written on a wall in capital letters.
I am alive.

I went back to play some more Detroit: Become Human (PS4) for something I wanted to return to and see more of the options that you could take.  Also it was a good excuse to pick up some extra trophies for my trophy challenge.  So far it’s going well, I know I’ve made a few different choices and got shocked by some of the scenes all over again.  


On the subject of returning to games I have played before I decided to reinstall Quantum Break (Xbox One). If you read my Have You Ever post it is mentioned as my “rage uninstalled” game.  It’s back on my hard drive, I started a new game and put it on easy in the hope that this time I can get the final boss defeated.  Though when it asked me if I wanted to start a new game as I’d lose progress I was a bit sad.  I was previously in the final part of the final act but this month is exactly 4 years since I last played so I would not remember the controls to dive in at the end.  I’ve managed to play through the first two acts quite quickly and pretty easily so hoping I will finally finish this game 4 years later than originally expected!    


I am guessing July will see a reduction in my streams and in my gaming time, though there is so much uncertainty.  So next month I may have to say goodbye to finishing such an amount of games or even playing as much.  However, it has been wonderful having this time to do this.  My backlog feels happier for it!  (We won’t talk about the fact that I added the charity bundle for Racial Justice and Equality to it because it was for a worthwhile cause and because I haven’t downloaded any of them yet).  I hope July is a good month for you all and let me know what games you played last month!

15 thoughts on “My Month in Games – June 2020

  1. I rage uninstalled Quantum Break as well, due to its final boss encounter. Sooo frustrating. It’s a shame too since I really enjoyed myself until that point.

    You played a lot of great stuff last month. FFXV is my 2nd fav Final Fantasy so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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    1. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who had that issue with the final boss. It was the exact same with me. I loved the game and then that happened and I just couldn’t do it. It was so annoying. I’m glad I have picked it up again but the first time it was just so frustrating.

      What is your favourite Final Fantasy game then?


  2. “Rage uninstalled” I definitely know that feeling…😁

    I’ve never played Quantum Break, though I’d like to. I really liked Control, so I’ve wanted to go back and play through other Remedy games like Quantum Break or likely starting with Alan Wake since I guess it’s kinda in the same universe(?)

    Hope your July goes well! 🎮


    1. I’m wondering if I should play Alan Wake because of Quantum Break and Control. The universe being the same and the Remedy game feel being there. Though I might wait until after Control. Quantum Break is good when you are in it for the story. The TV show bits between chapters can feel quite long at times (though I did replay some of them quite late at night so anything feels long at that time) but are interesting story pieces.

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      1. Playing Remedy games late at night is usually the way to go since they’re abstract enough that they often don’t make sense even while fully awake 😂. I’ve heard that Control and Alan Wake almost make more sense after watching Twin Peaks, they’re pretty inspired by David Lynch stuff.

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  3. I’m really going to miss the drive time streams during the week. I can’t believe it might be coming to an end, but hey, if we get ANY streams from you from that point, we’ll be winning 😊

    You kept us all entertained from the beginning of the work from home lockdown, there when we needed entertaining the most.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I don’t know about star but thank you for all your company and just being an amazing friend. It’s been brilliant doing the streams and having you (and the rest) along for the fun. There will be streams still, just maybe a bit less planned and more ah I’m free let’s go stream as well as some that are this day I will be streaming. There are rough ideas floating around… I’m sure you will hear when anything gets planned.

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    1. I’m only a couple of hours into it, but I would recommend it. It is beautiful and the puzzles are good fun so far. You are quite free to explore within each area and can find the puzzles and things to interact with. I quite like puzzle games so it works for me and there are some cool ones I’ve done so far. I need to see how it carries on but I’ve been distracted by other games again!

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  4. What a great month of games! I just finished Deliver Us The Moon (review coming soon). It’s by no means an amazing game but definitely worth finishing. I’d advise you to stick at it, although careful of the rage uninstall right at the end – some of the last few sections I found a bit frustrating.

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  5. I tried to play I Am Bread on my phone a few years ago and I ended up getting really pissed off at it because of the controls! I think with an actual controller it’s probably better, but still!


  6. Me too! I am a streamer. I am streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and it is popular here in Philippines. It’s hard to be a student and a streamer at the same time but It was fun entertaining people.

    Hope your July goes well.


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