Seriously Geeky Sundays: Father Figures

As it’s Father’s Day in the UK today (21st June), we’re celebrating the father figures in our fandoms as part of Seriously Geeky Sundays prompts by Just Geeking By


So happy Fathers day to any dads (or parental figures) out there celebrating today!


Who is your favourite fictional dad?

Horizon Zero Dawn™: Complete Edition_20180715154915

A few came to mind but the one I settled on as my final answer is Rost (Horizon Zero Dawn).  Despite not being able to give Aloy the answers she desired on her parentage, he took on the role as father and only family as she was outcast from the tribe as a baby.  He looked after her, raised her into a strong, capable and compassionate woman who could do anything she put her mind to.  He made sure she was safe and could be fine without him.  He taught her about the tribe with respect despite his own circumstances of being an outcast and her being one as well and respected her decision to try to become a seeker.  He didn’t have to become a father to Aloy but he did and obviously loved her as his daughter.    


Who is your favourite evil dad?

So I have such a soft spot for Bowser.  I know in several games he is the villain but I still adore him.  Plus I get to use this screenshot again and it made me laugh so much at the time as it is so relatable.



Who is your favourite father figure/mentor?


Whilst not a father, the adult figure of Sean Diaz who becomes the protector, mentor and father figure for his little brother Daniel after the death of their father is one of my favourites.  Sean tries so hard to do what is right for his brother.  Whilst this is a brotherly relationship he takes on more roles more like a father and having so much responsibility for the safety of both of them.  As much as they fight as brothers, Sean tries to raise Daniel so I also class him as a father figure.


Who is your favourite unconventional father/mentor?

I think just about all the characters I love who provide advice could class as unconventional mentors.  I’m going to say Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He acts as a father figure to Wesley despite Picard not being particularly keen on children.  He often mentors Wesley and is impressed by his abilities.  The strict Captain becoming a father figure to Wesley was great to watch.  


What is your favourite child/father scene?

I love when you get scenes where a father is given their child for the first cuddle.  The pride you see, even if it’s just acting, is always so special and sweet.  Though I now can’t name any of these moments.


What is your favourite quote from a fandom about fathers/by a father?

Bruce Wayne loses both parents as a child and as a result perhaps a quite from Alfred may make more sense.  However in Batman Begins there is the quite from Thomas Wayne that says “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”.  Given that Batman doesn’t give up maybe this sticks with Bruce.  This should probably be something I take on board more often.


3 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Father Figures

  1. Lots of unfamiliar fandoms there for me which I loved learning about, and then bam in there with the Thomas/Bruce quote in there at the end. I think you may have just ripped my heart out.

    There was a DC comics run recently with a Thomas Wayne from an alternate earth where he becomes Batman, and he should have been my answer for most evil father (I’ve thought of about 6 after I finished my post lol). It was an extremely brutal run and he says something similar to that, but twisted. His own twisted, evil version and reading your answer for that one just brought back all those feelings.


  2. I love the Captain Picard/Wesley relationship. The captain is really awkward with kids, and I know Wesley is relatively grown up for a kid, but Picard really grows into the role. It’s really heartwarming!


  3. Just had a post about this go up for Characters that Define Us: James (Dad) from Fallout 3, he started out conventional father in the beginning but then went AWOL, which is bad, but turns out he was trying to save the world. Maybe he could have communicated that before leaving the vault, but should that be forgiven?


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