The Trophy Hunt

Trophies or achievements, whatever you call them they are essentially the same thing just on different platforms.  They have been a great way of rewarding players for completing certain actions, completing the game, playing really well or really fast or doing some really creative things.  I’m not much of a trophy hunter.  If I get them, I get them but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to make sure I got everything or even the majority of them.

Uncharted™: The Lost Legacy_20200603161519
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trophy

However, recently within the blogging and streaming community the discussions around trophies and achievements have been coming up.  Partially due to two avid trophy hunters, namely Phil and Solaryo, and now the beginner trophy hunter of Dan of Nowisgames.  They do make it sound really tempting.  


Would it be good to go back and clear up some trophies or get some more platinum trophies or 100% achievements? 


Ratchet & Clank™_20200611175242


Personally, at the time of writing I looked into my trophy statistics and my achievement statistics as best as I could manage.  The story for people who do actively look for trophies would not make for the happiest of reading but considering I don’t I’m actually surprised it’s so high.  


Playstation trophy completion percentage is 46%

Xbox achievement completion percentage is 44%


This is based on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, and solely PS4 games (as that has been my only trophy compatible Playstation console). 


My plan is to set a goal and see what I can accomplish.  Would becoming more focused on trophies increase my enjoyment and could I find more experiences in the games I marked as completed?  Would I find a better experience a second time round on games that I put on the backlog again after being distracted by other games?  This also gives me a reason to replay some of the games I have wanted to get back round to replaying or some that I have meant to go back to finish up.  


The goals: 

General goals

Get to 55% trophy completion and 55% achievement competition


Playstation goals

Get Uncharted The Lost Legacy to a minimum of 75% trophy completion (at time of writing 52% complete)

Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn (2 trophies plus platinum missing from base game)

Finish Yakuza 0, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch remastered and God of War on PS4 (games started but unfinished currently)

Replay Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human – improve PSNProfiles rankings to an A (aka I want to replay both and this gives me an excuse)



Xbox goals

Replay the Mass Effect series to get more achievements from them

Get Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection to at least 50% achievements (currently 28%)

Play LA Noire, The Witcher 3 and Borderlands Handsome Collection (started by then got distracted and played so little but should play more of)

Finish the Final Fantasy XV DLC episodes




Some of these goals are more long term, for example playing The Witcher 3, whereas others can at least build over time, like the overall completion percentages.  The other aspect is I’m hoping that these are a good mix of games and things I already wanted to do this year.  With others that would be great to do at some point but could add in to the general goals really nicely. 


Uncharted™: The Lost Legacy_20200610223954


Would you describe yourself as a trophy hunter?  How many games have you got 100% of the achievements for (or how many platinum trophies do you have)?  What challenges would you set me?  Let me know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “The Trophy Hunt

  1. Yeah this is definitely, mostly, Phil’s fault 🤣

    Horizon Zero Dawn will probably be my next, because I’m the closest of all my games after just one play-through. I keep eyeing up Borderlands 2 on the PC as well, because after the 1k hours I put into that game I feel ashamed not to say it’s at 100% completion.

    I don’t think I’ll be getting to Phil or even Solarayo level any time soon though!

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress, does this mean you’ll be streaming some more Zoo Tycoon, some trophy hunting streams?!

    Hooray for Borderlands! Always up for co-op, if you need assistance/company/stream buddy 😝

    I am a beginner. I’m also putting no pressure on myself, but going forward I’m paying more attention to trophies and achievements for sure!

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    1. I’m not aiming for Phil level. Definitely his fault for me attempting this experiment. I just want to see how aiming for them changes how I play games and what I think about them.

      Zoo Tycoon may make a comeback to streams! That one is mainly because I don’t want to be done with it. It would be fun to do some mess around streams and mainly chat.

      I may call on your Borderlands expertise in future! In fact more than likely I will.

      HZD is there at one playthrough and it’s also just the hunting lodges I need to do to get to 100%. Plus I want to play it again with the reveal of number 2 so it is the perfect timing. Plan is to finish the hunting lodges, do Frozen Wilds mop up and then maybe new game + but will see how I get on.

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  2. Good luck with your goals! I’m a semi-achievement hunter, but I only really attempt 100% completions when the game does not force me to play through the story more than twice. I don’t know my exact completion rate on both Xbox and Playstation (probably between 50-60%), but on Steam it’s 68% for me right now. I am slowly playing through some games I’ve started up once as well to increase the completion rate even further 🙂 !

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    1. I honestly thought I’d be more like 25-35% on both so it was quite surprising that I was so high (in my mind) before caring. It should be an interesting experience and I want to see what I learn from it. It sounds like you are doing really well on Steam and I hope you continue to increase that completion rate!

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  3. Firstly I am so sorry for getting you involved 😂

    Secondly, woohoo more trophy hunting!!

    I really like your goals you’ve set yourself because you are way more organised than my ‘get all the trophies’ approach which has no focus at all 😂

    We’ll be there with you every step of the way!

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    1. Yeah you aren’t sorry at all haha!

      I wanted to see how your style would affect me when I have some set goals. Obviously there is more flexibility within the increasing completion percentages but still some goals that also seem manageable (I hope). I don’t think you are going to turn me into a get all the trophies persons but maybe trying to get more of them will be fun for certain games or make me feel like I’ve achieved something extra.

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  4. I don’t normally consider myself a trophy hunter, but the platinum trophies I’ve spent the extra effort to get are all games that I’ve loved so much that I wanted to keep playing. I got the plats for God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I still have Control, Death Stranding and AC: Odyssey that I’d like to get platinums for…

    I don’t usually attempt Naughty Dog games due to not wanting to have to play on additional difficulty levels AND get all the collectibles, but The Last of Us Part 2 isn’t going to have a “crushing” difficulty trophy, so I may go for that 🤔


  5. As someone who used to pursue achievement hunting on Steam: be very careful with burning yourself out. I found in some games that earning achievements by completing special objectives or playing the game in different ways was enjoyable. However, the overwhelming majority of achievements are so poorly handled and incredibly tedious to earn. I’d recommend pulling a hard “nooooooope” if you ever find a game becomes too frustrating or boring while you’re out achievement hunting.

    With my 10 cents out of the way, best of luck. 🙂


  6. Good luck with your goals.

    I used to fancy myself as a trophy hunter, but sometimes, the lists can be a bit too tedious. Namely the multiplayer trophies for some titles.

    I’m trying to get into it again, it’s always good to have something to focus on! ❤️


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