My Month in Games – May 2020

Can you believe its June already?  Luckily I am still managing to play games to talk about.  Perhaps taking a few too many screenshots in some… but that’s also part of the fun!


I have been playing so much Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One).

This is my first Final Fantasy game and I love it.  The characters and their friendship, almost brother like relationship, is just wonderful.  I hadn’t jumped into Final Fantasy before but am so glad I have started this one.  I spend most of my time exploring and doing side quests but I may do some story progression again soon.  There are just so many beautiful places to explore and photos to take or screenshots to have.  Though if I could change one small thing I would love it – I would love for the jump button to not be the same as the pick up button.  However, thank you Game Pass for this experience. I have now completed the story at around 100 hours and level 70, though I will be going back in to wrap up a few quests that I couldn’t complete before moving on areas towards the end of the game.  Plus there are also the DLC episodes for Gladio, Prompto and Ignis, so some more time to be spent with Final Fantasy XV for me! 



I continued a little with Outer Wilds (Xbox One). Again from Game Pass and it’s great but I can only do this in small bits.  I find the controls for piloting your rocket difficult so I get a bit frustrated with that and as you do that so often I can’t bring myself to play it too much.  I really want to explore each planet and find out all the secrets and things I can learn about.  It is such an interesting game though.


I also started Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One) as part of Game Pass. 


I am so intrigued as to where this is going.  I only picked this up a few days ago so haven’t got far but it is very interesting so far.  


There has been some dipping in and out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)


I just pop on to do some fishing, bug catching, chatting to neighbours and other general things.  It may be slow progress compared to others but it’s how I am enjoying the game.  Also the last week I haven’t really felt the need to go on for any reason.  


This month did see a lot of Picross S4 (Nintendo Switch)


I finished all the standard Picross, colour Picross and Clip Picross puzzles.  There are also others but I did those back to back and needed a break.  I also don’t like the mode that is described as mega Picross so probably won’t go back to that but I believe there are some extra puzzles that I may complete in future.  


Obviously on stream I have been going through my usual variety of games.  


Wandersong (Xbox One) is such a fun game. 


It’s a musical adventure combined with a platformer.  It is also bright and colourful with a wonderful soundtrack which is available as a playlist on YouTube.  I love it.  Some of the controls were tricky in terms of timing and sections that involved walking on walls and turning corners whilst doing that were annoying but it was so much fun.  The Bard is adorable and I think we could all do with a little bit of his spirit and confidence in all of us.  Final point has to be why Audrey?! 


I have been trying to sort out my Jurassic World Evolution (Xbox One) islands.  Isla Muerta certainly lives up to its name when it is me playing (literally Death Island).  I also have a slightly bad habit of accidentally losing dinosaurs when they escape… this doesn’t seem to go down well with my safety rating.  This is a great game but it is difficult.  I didn’t anticipate how hard some of the scenarios would be and the amount of difficulties that I would come across through the various attempts at creating good Islands.  However, dinosaurs are cool and the names of things in the restaurants and gift shops are fantastic.  Jurassic Nom being a particular favourite of mine. I may have to do some more prep work for the next island ad 


The Uncharted experience has continued with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) for Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.  I then continued on to Uncharted 4 (PS4).  I am in awe of the people who complete these games on crushing difficulty.  I’m doing them all on normal and at times I struggle with that, so hats off to those who crush crushing difficulty.   There are definitely bits in these games that I do not like, and Nathan Drake himself is questionable throughout (Elena you deserve better!) but I did enjoy the games as action/story.  They aren’t too long and the story is quite fun even if a bit over the top with certain aspects.  I did love playing Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4 even if I was terrible at it. Then to top it off I was recommended that I should get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and that arrived in time for me to start this as I finished Uncharted 4.  A couple of hours in and I’m looking forward to seeing how Chloe and Nadine work together.


I finished the scenarios for Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection (Xbox One). This was all the standard scenarios plus the scenarios from the Australia DLC and the South America DLC.  There were some really difficult ones towards the end but I love Zoo Tycoon.  It is fun and amazing and filled with animals.  I haven’t played since I finished the scenarios and I’m itching to go back.  I haven’t decided if this will be for challenge mode or for sandbox mode.  I just want more time in the Zoo and to interact with more animals.  There is some magic in that Zoo.  


What have you been playing through May?  Are you looking forward to anything in June? Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “My Month in Games – May 2020

  1. Hooray for Game Pass! I’m looking forward to seeing more Lost Legacy on stream.

    This month is all about The Last of Us Part II, which Amazon tells me should be arriving on release day. Yay! I recently replayed the first game but still have a 2-3 hour DLC (which I’ve never played) between now and 19th June.

    The Wandersong sountrack for anyone interested:

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    1. Ah I knew I forgot to add something! The link to the playlist! I’ll try to add it in later – thank you for finding that by the way.

      Yeah your Game Pass praises have been heard. And Mr GD having decided to get it has been so good. Only problem is I’m now putting off games that I already own and have on my backlog for games I spot on Game Pass haha.

      I hope your copy of The Last of Us 2 arrives on release day and you enjoy it. Hopefully the DLC you have left to play for the first game is good too. At least it will be a new experience for you.


      1. I know he has tried Subnautica as well, he has played Saints Row 4 and Streets of Rage 4 a bit more. Can’t think of what else he has played from Game Pass.

        Hes much busier than I am! He wants some time off to play games now which he does deserve.


    1. I love the idea and want to continue but I can’t play it for that long before I need to turn it off. I know the idea of the controls has to be related to the gravity and physics but at times I’m like just let me walk or let me land/fly the rocket.

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      1. Trying to do any kind of precision flying felt impossible. There was a particular part on Brittle Hollow (I think to reach the observatory) that required some specific jumping, and after failing to get it more than 5 times, I just gave up.


  2. I need to go back and finish Final Fantasy XV and the Uncharted games. I’m glad you enjoyed your first ever Final Fantasy game! Will you be looking to play any of the others in the series, in the future?
    As for me, I’m playing Days Gone on the PS4 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Switch,both are solid games that I’m really enjoying so far.

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    1. I am tempted but I think I’d need to look into what Final Fantasy games I think I would enjoy by style and combat type.

      I’m glad you are really enjoying Days Gone and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Hope you get to progress a bit more in both this month!

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  3. I had completely forgotten that Naughty Dog has developed the Crash Bandicoot games until that part in Uncharted 4 😁 Hoping to catch some of your Lost Legacy streams, I haven’t played that one yet. 🎮


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