Seriously Geeky Sundays: Families

Today Just Geeking By takes the wonderful Seriously Geeky Sundays prompt to thoughts about family due to Mother’s Day.  Those fictional families that leave us feeling like an extra part of it and the ones we want to know more about.  Being in the UK I had a little worry that I had forgotten something when I saw the prompt was inspired by Mother’s Day.  Then I remembered that this date happened for us in March.  


Happy Mother’s Day to all my US friends and their families and any other places where it is celebrated this week.

Who is your favourite family?

The Alvarez family from One Day at a Time.  I seriously love them.  This also includes the honorary members as they are just as important.  


Who is your favourite unconventional family?

Sometimes it’s the friends who are basically family that I come back to as my favourite families.  They laugh together and cry together and provide so much love and support that they are families in my eyes.  



In terms of games, at the moment my favourite family are Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus.  They are friends, protectors but basically brothers and a found family.



Another found family are the characters in Murder by Numbers.  Between Scout, Honor, KC and the detective it is a pretty unconventional family but they all care about each other and only want the best.


Which off-screen/non-played family member would you like to learn more about?

They are played in the films briefly but I’d love to know more.  Bill and Charlie Weasley.  My preference would be for Charlie because we know he works with Dragons so I think his story would be so interesting. 


Who is/are your favourite grandparent/s?

Taking a little step into reality I have to mention my own grandpa who was always my favourite person.  He inspired me and I miss him terribly.  If in this life I can make only one person proud of whatever I have done and will do, I want him to be proud of me.


Back into the fictional families my favourite grandparent is Abuelita (Lydia) from One Day at a Time.  She brings such character and confidence.  She still learns and grows whilst being committed to her past and beliefs.  Despite being completely different to her granddaughter watching them find each other and gain a little understanding of each other is beautiful.  


What extended family/legacy is your favourite?

Sometimes the family tales within fiction can be interesting and creative.  I love the family story and the connections within Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  The more you learn perhaps the less you know.  The family story is based on assumption and confusion for so long and then you bring those strands together.  Though then you find out some further pieces of information and it gets a bit confusing but then this is set in Ancient Greece. 


Kassandra, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
A moment of calm for Kassandra


Take the main character from your last 5 shows/movies/games/books (etc.) and create a family with them.

So I will create a very unconventional family with characters from the last 5 games/shows. I have done a mix of the shows I have watched and games because the selection was too amusing not to. 


Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) – so we have a Prince in our family

The Bard (Wandersong) – every family needs some musical talent

Nathan Drake (Uncharted series) – Well I know some of the opinions on this character but treasure hunter who has some stories to tell

Zummi (Gummi Bears) – I’m watching this on Disney+ and Zummi is the Gummi who looks into their history and magic and sometimes messes up but always tries

Penelope (One Day at a Time) – yes there have been a lot of mentions of One Day at a Time here but it has been one that I’ve been comfort watching recently.  Anyway she will bring some motherly love and support to the rest.

5 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Families

  1. When I created the final question I was hoping for some wonderfully random answers but I never foresaw a Gummi Bear 😀 Someone’s going to have to do really well to outdo that one! (And yes I’m now singing the theme song in my head, duh.)

    *hugs* Your words about your grandfather were beautifully spoken and echo ones I often think about my own.

    Incidentally, Bill and Charlie were always top of my list for this type of question. I’d suggest reading up (or playing it if you wish) about the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game. I say read rather than play because you meet Charlie in a certain year so it’ll take quite a bit of work to just see him, Bill you meet pretty early on. While we don’t get to see him working with dragons we get to see him as a student and learn more about him as a person. He’s pretty cool 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah when I realised a Gummi bear would included if I mixed games and TV I had to mention it. It definitely makes it more creative!

      Oooh thank you. I will check out that. I downloaded it ages ago then didn’t play it but if I can read up on that and hear more about Bill and Charlie that’s really cool.

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  2. FFXV is often derided, like most of the other games in the series this is mostly because it’s not VII, often it’s because it’s story is a little exposition heavy, but I feel this really overlooks what FFXV is really about and your comments here sum it up, it’s about the brotherhood between the four main characters, this is why we don’t gain new party members as the game progresses.

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    1. I do get the feeling that VII is the one that everyone should love, which slightly puts me off playing that one. I’m loving the brotherhood in XV even if so many people dislike it. I just love the four of them in XV and their friendships.


  3. I kept panicking thinking I’d missed Mother’s Day too! Phew! I would love to know more about Bill and Charlie Weasley too, I think that would be really interesting. I want to know what Bill’s kids are like as well, half Veela and part werewolf maybe? That would be really cool.

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