Seriously Geeky Sundays: Freedom of the Press

Heather over at Just Geeking By has started this exciting new project that celebrates geekiness in all its forms.  Looking into it I knew I had to get involved in the fun and that fun is Seriously Geeky Sundays.


Again with a day that I wasn’t sure what it was all about, as I was unaware it was a day.  However it is National Press Freedom day so this Seriously Geeky Sunday we discuss the press and reporters.

Who is your favourite fictional media outlet?

Daily Bugle. 


Who is your favourite fictional journalist?

Clark Kent and Lois Lane.    


Who is your favourite fictional photographer?

Peter Parker.  The one and only in my mind.  He has been my favourite ever since I first heard of and saw Spiderman when I was younger.  



What is your favourite fictional interview?

Out of all the questions this week this is the one that stumped me the most.  I just couldn’t think of one.  Then I considered the Rita Skeeter interview of Harry Potter.  I liked this because it showed the two sides of fame but also the two sides of the press.  It can be fantastic but there can also be things reported that twist or just don’t fully explain the information or context behind the quotes.

If you could interview any fictional character who would it be?

I would love to interview Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.  To hear about all her experiences and the discoveries that she made along her journey would be incredible.  

Horizon Zero Dawn™: Complete Edition_20180715210235

Which character would you like to see given an absolute grilling live on TV and why?

I’d love to see any villain be given a TV interview and be grilled.  I would love to see Bowser interviewed.  I think there is so much history with Bowser that him getting grilled in an interview about each of his schemes and his life.  



So Nintendo if you want to make my day, give me an interview with Bowser please!


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