Seriously Geeky Sundays: Kings & Queens

I keep saying I’ll work on blog posts and get a midweek post scheduled and then I only accomplish half of that.  I have been working on other posts and have possibly got close to final versions of other posts but for now this is the only group of posts that I seem to finish and schedule.  Though these have been so much fun to write up and get ready that it is definitely worth it.


Heather over at Just Geeking By has started this exciting new project that celebrates geekiness in all its forms.  Looking into it I knew I had to get involved in the fun and that fun is Seriously Geeky Sundays so this is Week 3 of the fun. Check out those links to Just Geeking By to find out more and maybe take part in future!


This week is all about Kings and Queens.  Luckily Heather fills us in on the reason behind the theme of the week so “on this day in 1956 American actress Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco forever merging the worlds of Hollywood and royalty”.  Hence we are looking at fictional royalty and fantasy which since it is me is going to involve a lot of Disney.

Who is your favourite female royal character?

Brave the video game

Now this really comes down to my favourite Disney Princesses.  The only problem is choosing which. My favourite is probably (at time of writing) Merida from Brave.  Though runners up would include Rapunzel (Tangled) and Ariel (Little Mermaid).


Who is your favourite male royal character?

Again shall we discuss Disney Princes.  Now whilst he isn’t technically a royal character until the sequel I have such a soft spot for Kristoff (Frozen) that he is my favourite.  


Who is your favourite royal couple?

Fiona and Shrek (Shrek). Now this didn’t come to mind immediately but I love how both love each other for who they are inside despite all preconceptions.  Besides they always have their supportive friend Donkey to keep their spirits up. Whether as humans or ogres they are a wonderful couple and true to themselves and each other and their love and respect for each other is wonderful.  


What is your favourite storyline involving a royal character?

Any Disney film.  Disney for me are the masters of royal character storylines.  Though one that I first experienced in book form that later became a film was The Princess Diaries.  I loved the story development of Mia who discovered she was a royal and had to turn from her “normal” self to royalty.  


If you could live in any fictional royal residence, which one would it be?

Literally any Disney castle.  I’m not overly fussy as long as it is a Disney castle.



The main character of the last fandom you experienced just became King/Queen of their universe; how do they react?

So I’m going to take this as the last game I played which was Uncharted, therefore Nathan Drake has become King.  I’m pretty sure he would be thrilled.  To be honest I’m fairly sure he would first check how much gold or loot this gave him and then start acting like the most important person in the world.  Though I have only played the first game as part of the Nathan Drake Collection so maybe I’m underestimating him.



Thanks again to Just Geeking By for the brilliant questions.  Would your answers involve a lot of Disney as well?  Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Kings & Queens

  1. King Nathan Drake… I’m going to have to remember to bring this up in chat during your next Uncharted stream, haha. Pete would be pleased!

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  2. I thought of Disney when it came to the first question and then I got completely side-tracked by other fandoms lol. I actually can’t believe I didn’t think of it for the residence one! I struggled to answer that one (confession; I thought of all these questions and didn’t actually consider answering some of them myself /facepalm). So many good answers here and it was wonderful to read through them. Looking forward to next weeks!

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