Seriously Geeky Sundays: Easter & Spring

Heather over at Just Geeking By has started this exciting new project that celebrates geekiness in all its forms.  Looking into it I knew I had to get involved in the fun and that fun is Seriously Geeky Sundays so this is Week 2 of the fun. Check out those links to Just Geeking By to find out more and maybe take part in future!


This week it’s all about Easter and Spring, and today is Easter Sunday.  Easter weekend this year is definitely not what any of us expected so let’s see if we can recreate some of the magic of Spring with this weeks prompts.


Who is your favourite bunny?

I have always had a soft spot for Thumper (from Bambi) and of course the classic of Bugs Bunny.  Though to be fair if there is a bunny character or a real bunny there is a good chance I will fall in love.



Spring is a time of rebirth so thinking about fictional worlds and characters; what does rebirth mean to you?

A chance at hope and change.  Rebirth could be a part of leaving behind something or trying to build a new beginning and write a new story.  Rebirth is endless possibilities and potential. 


Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter Eggs; if you could have anything hatch from an egg what would it be?


At the moment I just want a supply of mini eggs, Lego and games.  I have simple pleasures at the moment and I’m lucky enough to have these at the moment!


What fictional location reminds you of spring?

Anything with a little village or homely feel.  For me spring feels like comfort, local and homeliness vibes.  



An Easter egg isn’t just a chocolate treat it’s also a hidden item for fans to spot. What’s your favourite easter egg?

I love quite a lot of the Ubisoft ones.  So playing Watch Dogs 2 recently you got to see a Ubisoft office.  In addition you had so many geeky conversations, two favourites were the ones about Star Trek (mentioning Sisko) and the Alien/Predator discussion which reminded me so much of a friend. Though the “that’s no moon” quote was one moment to smile at.  


I’ve also enjoyed seeing Rabbids in other games such as Steep and also Assassin’s Creed Odyssey during a present day sequence.  


Plan a themed Easter egg hunt for your favourite characters.

I would love to plan an Easter Egg hunt with characters like Luna Lovegood and villagers from Animal Crossing.  I’d have a mix of chocolate eggs and decorated eggs with props of bunnies and chicks.  I’d love to have other Easter crafts made up and have a picnic style party after the egg hunt. 


Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter/Spring!



2 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Easter & Spring

  1. Glad to see love for Thumper! That’s also one of my cats’ names, haha.

    Happy Easter! Enjoy the awesome little things in life, eh 🙂


  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for Thumper too 🙂 Generally speaking, if there’s an animal sidekick in a Disney movie I fall in love with it. I remember having the biggest love for Meeko when Pocahontas was released.

    Oh my goodness, mini eggs. I’m also a fiend when it comes to them! Terry’s Chocolate Orange do their own “mini eggs” now and if you like chocolate orange I suggest trying them. They’re basically mini eggs but chocolate orange, aka sooo good!


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