My Month in Games – February and March 2020

Since I forgot to write my February gaming update and now March has ended I decided to combine them again. Now I also have lots of games to mention so it all works out nicely. 


Back in February I was spending a lot of time in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)


I finished off the story, some of the challenges and collectibles. However, there are a lot of things to do and I still have plenty of content if I choose to go back to it.  I want to do more of the tombs but I stopped before I got bored so I can drop back in and still enjoy myself.  


After something as serious as Shadow of the Tomb Raider I needed a bit of colourful, light fun.  What better than to suddenly spend time in Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One).


It’s bold, bright and colourful with foxes and cats and platforming.  The levels are good fun, you have certain objectives and things to collect and all are doable. Lucky being cute also helps! 


I am still working my way slowly through Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Nintendo Switch).  I just don’t want to reach the end as I can dip in and out quite nicely. I haven’t played it again in a few weeks now and I know I should go back and finish it.


I also finally started Assassin’s Creed 3 (Xbox 360 played on Xbox One)


So I’m still working my way through this. Currently I’m ignoring the story to do some side quests.  I know how the story ends, as it was spoilt for me years ago before I was going to play it originally, but I’m enjoying just experiencing the game now. 


I have started Aaero (Xbox One) which is equally amazing and frustrating. 


For those of you unaware of it, you basically try to follow a track along to music.  I’m doing ok but it can be so hard to get enough stars to open up new levels. Getting the full stars on a song is a worthwhile endeavour but takes me many attempts on certain songs to even complete or get one star.  I’m practising and learning though! I nearly have all the secrets. I’m so close and yet probably still so far away from actually managing to get them all. I now have just over 75 stars on Normal and around 40 on Advanced so far.


Since everything going on in our personal life we had decided to not buy games we hadn’t already preordered (so my order of Animal Crossing was safe) then we decided to go against that slightly… with the purchase of Two Point Hospital (Xbox One) and Murder by Numbers (Nintendo Switch).  Two Point Hospital is a good laugh even if most of the time my hospital doesn’t seem very well run. Luckily the hospital survives, the patients mostly do as well… we won’t talk about the ghosts that appear every so often and get cleaned up. 


I have just finished Murder by Numbers (Nintendo Switch).  It’s story combined with Picross which is absolutely perfect for me.

I love the puzzles and I love Scout. I will protect Scout as much as I can just forever. He is wonderful.  


I have also started Animal Crossing New Horizons (Nintendo Switch).  I know lots of people are playing in massive sessions, but I’m enjoying dropping in and out and doing some stuff, a bit of fishing or big hunting or just organising my house and then off.  It’s so nice seeing the change in the island through the day. I just got Blathers who I adore. I just love talking to him. I also appreciate that despite his dislike of bugs he will still tell you about them.  Though I have discovered you can fish by the sounds and I have always done it by look so that was something new (to me but thinking about it is probably the more common way to do it…). 


I have started streaming and so far on stream I have played Crash Bandicoot 2 from the N-sane Trilogy (Xbox One).  I still love it. I still fail miserably at times but it’s all good fun. Though the time trials are so frustrating and I know I don’t have to do them but I do want to.  I also started Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection (Xbox One). This is my first time playing and it’s so fun and sweet. I love washing the elephants and feeding the animals. Though interacting with the chimps was good fun.  It’s well worth a play if you want to have something relaxing and fun. Finally, there has been some Unravel (Xbox one). Yarny is adorable, the flies are very annoying, the fish are fiesty, the crows are cranky and the photos that you uncover are beautiful. It’s a lovely game with such a beautiful soundtrack and look. 


What have you been playing recently? Are you digging into your backlog or playing something new?  Let me know in the comments.  


4 thoughts on “My Month in Games – February and March 2020

  1. I still haven’t done Shadow of the Tomb Raider, or any of the AC games! Slacking.

    Really enjoying the streams, as you know hehe. Thanks for being there for us during our time of need. You’re a natural at the streaming malarkey, so glad you started 🙂


  2. For those who made it to the comments section and haven’t dropped in on the streams: you should. 😛

    Over the past bit I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but I think I’ve finally tired myself out of that. Now onto the backlog I’ve accumulated over the past few months. I do have Murder by Numbers in there and am looking forward to playing it based on what I’ve heard from both you and Adventure Rules.


  3. Assassin’s Creed III was a decent entry but overshadowed by Revelations before it and Black Flag after. Though it really showcases some of the more benevolent aspects of the Templars with Kenway. Pity they didn’t completely keep that up, but it’s a significant growing point for the series. And don’t worry too much about the spoiler, it’s the journey and experience that count not the destination


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