Lights, Camera, Twitch?

One night I decided to just go ahead and hit that “go live” button rather than testing the capture card just by recording snippets of gameplay.  How did my first streams feel?  Will Twitch be something that I see myself doing more? 

Well Twitch felt weird when you go live at first.  In one way it made me feel more confident.  I didn’t have a mic on but was practicing chatting and gaming in the room whilst no one had to hear it.  Gaming live is a strange feeling, I know I’m not a skilled gamer, even in one of my favourites, but it felt odd knowing people could see it.  I also somehow lost all of the tiny amount of skill in the game and even the genre as a whole but it was so much fun.


Am I continuing to stream?  Yes, I’ve done it again and it was fun.  Even to no one.  For me that didn’t seem to matter as I was having fun and laughing to myself  Though shout out to the wonderful Gao Li (on Twitch) who spotted my first stream and joined me in chat.  Having a friendly face (name?) in chat was reassuring.  


I’m planning on adding my voice in but who knows if that’s a good idea or not.  Will I feel more confident or less? I don’t know but I plan to try it and see. If it works for me then it works and if it doesn’t I have tried and learnt from the experience.


If you want to check out my past broadcasts or even a live stream then head to my Twitch and have a look.  I might even learn how to do some more stuff with it eventually!   


20 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Twitch?

  1. Dang that Gao Li gets everywhere right! He’s all over the streams! 🙂

    Hope to check your stream out next time; I wasn’t getting any “gone-live” notifications from Twitch all weekend, for some reason ¬_¬


    1. He is like the Twitch ninja, just seems to know who is live and when.

      It’s weird I got a Later Levels notification after I was already watching them at the weekend and nothing else that day but discovered other people had been live elsewhere like tweets or whatever saying they are live. I think the notifications are a bit hit or miss depending on the day, direction of the wind and how much twitch wants to tell us.


      1. I’ll soon hook up Twitter to Streamlabs OBS and post there when I go live too, maybe Twitter’s notifications are more reliable than Twitch. Also I can’t seem to spell “notifications” today lol.

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      2. I’m wondering whether to do that or not as well. I did one tweet with going live, but also don’t want people to get bothered by them. However if they are helpful and more reliable then it’s probably worth it.


    1. I haven’t done any commentary on video before.

      I am going to see how I manage/what I think with just chatting to people on twitch and just chatting to myself at the same time if no one is in chat. I need to see how it feels and what I think if I decide to do it again or to try other things.

      There are ways to practice. If you set up to record gameplay on whatever software and have a mic handy and can record that too then you could play it back and see what you think. I’ve done this sort of thing but I didn’t focus on saying things more about testing volume of gameplay versus mic. So I didn’t really produce anything other than running around in circles for gameplay and me chatting away but saying nothing much really.


  2. I’ve tried out streaming some PS4 games on Twitch a few different times, directly from my console. I’m in the process of building a PC modern enough to be able to record some gameplay footage, get screenshots and that kind of thing, so I thought it would be an interesting experience to try out streaming. It’s a really weird feeling, the first time I didn’t have a mic on and then the second time I felt a little more confident and was talking into my headset mic…which I discovered later was turned down so low that I could just as well of been not talking….oops! 🙂

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    1. At least you tried the chatting even if it was turned down so low! It’s great that you had the confidence to do it. Knowing my luck I’d end up doing a similar thing but maybe next time I’ll try my mic.

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  3. Twitch can be fun! I only do it via my PS4 which isn’t the most efficient way, but my computer isn’t the best nor have I taken the time to learn OBS…was it simple for you to get started with that program? I have steam and headphones and a camera but yeah, I hesitate if it’s tricky to use.

    Also! Your main image, where did you make that? Canva? I like it, and I wonder if there’s something else out there aside from Canva that can make images like that.

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    1. I am using streamlabs obs and it’s been easy to start up and get going with. Though I haven’t tried to add anything in so it’s a very basic set up. The other thing is when I have got stuck there are plenty of suggestions on Google complete with screenshots of things to check (like when I managed to lose the video feed…).

      The image was made in canva! I don’t know what else is out there as I have found Canva easy to use, and haven’t tried other things so can’t really judge on other places to make images.

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  4. Congrats on going live! Haven’t been able to watch you live just yet, but I did take a peek at a VOD and I’ll certainly catch you another time! It may take some time to find your groove as a streamer, but it can be really rewarding once you get there.

    If you want to raise awareness of your stream, would strongly advise taking matters into your own hands. Twitch notifications aren’t reliable and the platform as a whole is terrible for discovery. Notifying others through Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms that are more discoverable are a better bet.

    As for whether to stream with a mic or not, the choice is yours. Personally, I think that one’s voice is the single most valuable thing a streamer can offer to their audience. Viewers can watch a VOD or another streamer play any game in your library, but they have to come to you for what you have to say.

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    1. Definitely going to try to work out planning in advance when I’m definitely going to stream and let people know through other means. I just don’t want to bother people who don’t want to know and it’s more about me finding the confidence/balance between things. Though the other issue is my schedule is all over the place between work and real life so trying to make sure I have times set up say a week in advance (so people know) is going to be tricky even if they bounce about a lot week to week and there might still random “I feel like streaming times”.

      The mic is again a confidence thing, but also a tech thing as in test I’ve got it working and also without changing anything had it not work so would I manage to fix it if something happened. The best way is probably to just go for it and see. Leap and then work it out along the way. I do want to try on my next stream to have that set up but when that is is unknown at the moment.

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