Super Mario Multiverse: Mario Kart 7

Happy Mario day!  Possibly the best day in the year for gamers.  Everyone has a memory of Mario in one way or another.  Whether that is trying to get all the coins and save Princess Peach, working with Luigi in some way or competing against friends, family and foes in some sports event or race to win out. 


Today we celebrate all things Mario with a huge Mario collaboration courtesy of The Well-Red Mage and discuss our favourite Mario games.  For me, I chose Mario Kart 7 which is a game that is one of my favourite Mario titles and provides such joy for how my Nintendo world would expand.  


Mario Kart 7 released in December 2011 and for me is definitely my most played Mario Kart title.  I got this game as part of the Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 bundle. I think I got it the Christmas of 2012 (could be wrong but around that time), though it feels like I have had my 3DS XL for more and less time simultaneously.  However, none of this would have come to happen had I not seen one of those demo 3DS machines in a shop when I was visiting London.  


I was a huge Nintendo handheld fan (and to be honest still am!), but I struggle to view 3D effects and the 3D pull of the 3DS put me off.  In fact it was the only reason that I was put off.  I wanted the games but I didn’t want to get a system that I couldn’t use a function of at all.  


Then that trip to London.  For the first time I saw a standard 3DS and a 3DS XL beside each other.  I got to try both and the 3D effect was not (and still is not) for me. However, I found the screen for the 3DS XL much better and I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be using the 3D.  I believe I played Mario Kart 7 for the first time on one of these machines.   


Thus began my love of the 3DS system and following the gift of a 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 I was never too far away from a race.  It’s one of those games that I always come back to. I can dip in and out of.  I can complete a cup, do some time trials and just have a play all on my own against AI.  I’ll be honest that I have never played against other people on this version, but you can.  


There’s something comforting about this as a part of the Kart series whilst also being the favourite of the ones that I have played.  Being able to hang glide when needed, customise the vehicles or drive underwater just added to the experience.  


No matter what games came after in my collection there was always a time for a game of Mario Kart 7.  For me that makes this an extra special Mario game when it partially defines the system for me. It was always one of my top “go to” games on the 3DS and would still be.  It was also so ingrained with my experience of getting a 3DS that it will always have a special place in my heart. Also being undefeated by real people in this version (only because I never competed with anyone else but shhhh we won’t get into that technicality) means I can claim to be really good at it and no one can say otherwise.  I can start a new cup, I can do a time trial, I can use all the vehicles and characters and I could just keep playing this over and over again.  There are so many ways to enjoy Mario Kart 7 and you don’t ever come out of it feeling disappointed. 


My Mario experience has been a lot brighter because I had Mario Kart 7.  Without it there would have been a huge hole in my 3DS library (had I got one) and huge hole in my racing game experiences.  Sometimes a game can sell a console and this is one that did for me.  I will never forget my journeys with this game, and the console, and I won’t regret any of the hours even when I lost the cup in the end.  It has been so enjoyable and will always be a favourite in one sense or another for me.


Wahoo! You are a Super Reader! But the adventure doesn’t stop here… There’s more of this project in another castle! This article is just one level in an entire Super Mario Multiverse, a galactic collaboration between writers around the world sharing a bit of our hearts and memories about our favorite Mario games. Visit the Center of the Multiverse to see more:

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