#LoveYourBacklog Week 2020

Once again Kim over at Later Levels has encouraged us to love our backlog.  After taking part last year I did at least attempt the Maybe in March part of this (though I still haven’t completed the game).   So again we shall try to love our backlog and celebrate them.


I do love having such a selection of games, across many platforms, that I could dip into at any point when I feel like playing something different.  This year so far I have even played a few games that I have had on my backlog for a while, years in a couple of cases.  So my backlog is being enjoyed and eventually played.  


So, this year what games will I highlight? 

I am sure I have considerably more than 100 games either not started or not finished but let’s just say 100+


A game you’re eager to play, but haven’t yet started

This could describe so many games.  I’m going to go with Unravel.  I’ve heard so many good things about it but I’ve still not tried it.  Though honourable mentions to Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, Persona 5 and Ratchet and Clank.


A game you’ve started several times but haven’t yet finished

Watch Dogs.  I finished the second game last month and just loved playing it.  However with the first game I have started it, got not overly far into it, stopped and every so often I would rinse and repeat that but still getting nowhere with it.  I don’t know whether to try again now I have finished the second game or whether to finally give up on it.  


The most recent addition to your library


Yakuza Remastered Collection.  Despite still not having finished Yakuza 0 because of distraction within the game (I’m sorry storyline but these mini games aren’t going to play themselves!) and with other games demanding my attention.  I now own each Yakuza game from 0 to 6 physically.  I will play them all and I will see Kiryu’s story through.  



The game which has spent the most time on your backlog

I’m not really sure anymore.  I tried the title I mentioned last year and sadly gave up on it.  It was fine, but I don’t know if it was what I was really wanting to play or I just didn’t enjoy it but now I have actually played that I’m not sure what has since been on my backlog the longest.  It honestly could be anything.  


The person responsible for adding the most entries to your backlog

My other half.  He will point out games to me and his collection of games when we got together was much fuller than mine and meant I added some games to my backlog by wanting to try some that he owned.  So basically it’s him… I mean nothing to do with me seeing lots of games I want to play and buying them right?!  Though the blogging community are also responsible in parts for certain games becoming on my radar. 

8 thoughts on “#LoveYourBacklog Week 2020

  1. Thanks so much for joining in! ❤

    I'll be trying to complete Thomas Was Alone this year. Let's hope the ending isn't as confusing as LIMBO's… 😉


  2. Hey, it seems like you’re way better at actually getting to some games on your backlog than most. 😂 My husband has close to 10 games currently that he needs to finish because he started them and likes them so much, while I’m over here playing Fire Emblem and Sims with old Harvest Moon games I never finished lol

    How is Yakuza? My husband played through Judgment and loved it, is that the same universe? For some reason I thought it was 🤔

    Great list! I hope you and your other half find some new games you like this year to add! 😊


  3. Heh. Sounds like we had similar experiences with Yakuza 0. Though I eventually opted to show some restraint and finished the main story. It’s well worth it…or at least I enjoyed it.


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