My Month in Games – January 2020

The first month, and what feels like the longest month in recent times, of 2020 is over.  I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front, a bit scattered on social media and working a bit but nothing major especially compared to the lead up to Christmas.  All of this has combined into time to play games, of course as inspiration for blog posts so there are quite a few ideas in the works.  Though there has been one thing after another in the last couple of weeks which has made some of my plans disappear for now! 


Since I didn’t do a December post the run down of games I played then were Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, The Outer Worlds, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Disneys Bolt.   


Back onto January and I have completed several games which is a shock to me!  Though I did have a week off work near the start of the month so that may have helped. 


I played and completed The Outer Worlds (Xbox One).  I really enjoyed this one and a friend is playing this at the moment so I’m enjoying hearing about the outcome of some different choices as ours didn’t match up.  Parvati is my favourite companion but I love how they each can come together to create great teams to assist you. 



I finally played The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Xbox One).  A short extra bit of the Life is Strange universe that links with Life is Strange 2.  Chris aka Captain Spirit is the sweetest boy with a fabulous imagination and I just wanted to keep him safe and happy.  This is best to play before starting Life is Strange 2 but at the very latest before playing Life is Strange 2 Episode 2. 


As you might be able to guess I also played Life is Strange 2 (Xbox One).  I loved this.  It made me cry a lot. It threw me through so many emotions and I love the brothers.  I just wanted them to have a happy, safe ending and be together. For the whole game I was trying to protect Daniel, even if he didn’t always believe it or understand it.  The ending I got was good, I think.  Out of the options it seemed to be fairly positive and whilst the end was slightly different to what I hoped for it seems that Daniel and Sean are happy.  This was an incredible story of brotherly love, loss, friendship, family and obviously I can’t ignore the issues surrounding immigration, racism and politics but the way it handles these is incredible.


I played Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One).  This is one I have had for so long, I can’t quite remember how long, and it just stayed in the backlog.  Finally I start it after deciding that I don’t think the first game is for me as I have started it multiple times and just can’t bring myself to keep playing that I would just play number 2 and see how I got on.  I had so much fun playing this. I really connected to some of the NPCs which surprised me a little. 


Finally I have started Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One).  I think I gave up on Rise of the Tomb Raider a few years ago but I felt in a Tomb Raider sort of mood so decided to start the last of the new games.  I probably should check if I have finished RotTR and if not go back and start it again but for now I’m really enjoying this game. Plus you can pat Llamas.  Now even though I am suspicious of Llamas and Alpacas when I see them (yes I realise how strange I sound but I have had some frights thanks to them!) I like being able to pat them in game.  


Quick shout out to Later Levels as they are just over halfway through their 50 day GameBlast challenge.  Give them a vote for the games to be played on the big GameBlast 24 hour stream, donate to their JustGiving page or give them a follow on Twitch and check out some of their streams.


What were you playing in January?  Do you have any gaming plans for February?  Let me know in the comments.


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