Being Content With Content

Sometimes as a blogger/content creator (or whatever description you wish to apply to yourself) you need some extra confidence and you have to be happy with what you do.  I haven’t managed to be like that recently, as you may have noticed since I haven’t posted since December and even then it was once.


This made me consider how I feel about my content and apparently I’m starting my blogging time for 2020 off by being rather philosophical about it.  My blogging year has started with a bit of a stall, followed by a crawl and maybe a little splutter of words to the (web)page.  However, this is not what I had in mind.  Admittedly that didn’t account for a pinch of exhaustion, trying to flip my sleep pattern and a dash and a half of confidence loss.  


Sadly going on to night shift in the months leading up to Christmas had downsides when it came to content as my ability to write was negatively affected.  I was getting more sleep which was fantastic – honestly I was getting the best sleep I had had in years on night shift! – but I didn’t feel able to write on my days (nights?) off.  I could do things overnight but writing was a struggle. 


Then obviously Christmas and New Year arrived.  Wonderful times of the year but I was exhausted by the time they came round.  I was trying to switch my sleep pattern back and well I discovered several things.  One, my sleep is so much better when I sleep during the day.  Two, no matter if I have been asleep I would still wake up at 2am hungry (my nightshift lunchtime) and it takes a long time to get back to sleep when you are hungry and refuse to give in to the cravings.  Three, it is nearly the end of January and I’m still not quite there with getting my sleep back to a normal pattern.  Especially if the end of last week was anything to go by.


The not being able to create has resulted in a struggle when I do write now.  It is the angel and the devil on the shoulders type scenario where one side says you love creating and keep going, whilst the other goes well no one cares and you are rubbish at it anyway so why even bother.   If I could get them to keep quiet (maybe not the angel) then it would be rather helpful.  However, they seem rather talkative. 


At the time of writing this on the 23rd January it is my fourth post written this week.  I have scheduled none of them. That doesn’t include the other posts written this month that I also haven’t scheduled.  I feel inspired and have other ideas but my confidence stops me. (I realise the ever so slight issue of if I never post this then the whole point of the post is wasted and also it won’t matter how many posts I had written as no one would know but I am going to post this.)


Confidence is such a key thing for blogging.  I can’t work out where my blogging confidence has gone.  Has it just been because of my infrequent writing and trying to get back into a routine?  Or is it something deeper? I don’t think I have the answers.  Much like when you have the ideas for writing but can’t bring pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the “right” way it takes time.  


The overall point of this is that I miss you all.  I miss the discussion and I miss the excitement and joy I get when I finish a post, schedule it and see it posted.  I miss writing regularly and reading posts within the blogosphere. I am trying to get back out of my comfort zone of hiding and putting myself back out there on here.  I also have further plans for the blog and trying out new things like streaming or possibly videos or just something new to try for a bit of fun.  


First things first, maybe I should just try to post something here.  Maybe, one post at a time, I find my place and my confidence piece by piece.


Have you ever found yourself struggling with your blogging confidence?  Did you find anything useful? Let me know in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “Being Content With Content

  1. I honestly feel a lot of people do themselves a disservice by thinking of or describing what they write or otherwise create as “content”. For me, it’s a somewhat dehumanising term that brings to mind armies of drones just churning out mindless stuff rather than actual humans creating something for other people to enjoy.

    And I think that mindset can affect creators, too; the constant pursuit of “content” to meet a schedule can put undue pressure on yourself to put any old thing out, when in fact you often need time to reflect or prepare things.

    That said, there is value to “just writing” — before I run my current site, I did a daily blogging project where I challenged myself to write something, ANYTHING, every day. But I didn’t think of it as “content creation” — I was writing for myself.

    It’s important to value your own work — even the weird little experiments you might do that don’t pull in many readers, but which you’re happy with. And, for me anyway — others may disagree! — a lot of that starts with acknowledging what you’re doing is writing, making videos, designing graphics, composing music, whatever you’re doing, rather than the rather generic “creating content”.

    I feel I’m a bit in the minority with this viewpoint, but it goes along with me also disliking terms like “influencers” and the like, too. It all just feels like it turns what should be creative, artistic pursuits into marketing exercises.

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    1. I generally don’t think of it as content but it is also the simplest description that doesn’t involve me writing a ramble everytime I try to describe it how I think of it for this post if that makes sense. (Cue ramble description) Like for me this is writing for me but about the things I love and might be inspired by people in this community or might be a community project or could be something I just feel like or whatever. That could involve all or a subset of writing, videos, recording, making graphics, drawing and probably about 10 other things that I’m not remembering at the moment. I think of them as individual pieces that add in to a bigger combined thing but are all noticeable in that.

      Basically the easiest quick description for this post is content that meant I didn’t need to write a paragraph each time but I tend to think of everything as each individual thing rather than I’m producing content when I do these things. Also when do I ever stick to a schedule haha!

      Influencer is a really weird description when I hear the term. It’s not something that I could ever see myself using but it does seem like it’s highly considered in the online world. At least when people are moving from using social media/blogging as a hobby to a more ad based endeavour. I see that in the term content creation as well as it’s more of a clean professional descriptor (involves enough buzzwords haha) where you try to be more separated than a hobby experience. But again it’s the easiest description for this post rather than how I view what I do when I do any writing/posting.

      It’s more I just want to be happy with what I create in my writing, drawing, videos, graphics, music, whatever I work on and the confidence with that is now around 0 and I miss having some and ramble being posted is something. It may just be for me but I don’t want to read or see what I have written nevermind posting it on here.

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  2. Firstly (of course) you’re a great blogger, and I enjoy reading your musings on games, so from my point of view, of course you should schedule those articles!

    … But of course, that doesn’t always change things when it comes to confidence with doing stuff… Any stuff.

    In my early posts, I really struggled to hit the submit button, often finding myself doing it and then literally walking away from the computer, kind of like some blogger equivalent of a mic drop “here it is world, whatever, I don’t even care if you like it”.

    Now, I much more suffer with writer’s block than confidence, so I’m not sure that anything I say will be that useful, other than I often listen to the words of Ze Frank when I’m struggling to get over that starting line. I’m not sure if he’s to your tastes, but something about his ‘invocation’ speaks to me. I think it’s that line about being stuck between ‘zero and one’. Anywho, you can check it out here – it’s made me start many things over the years.

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    1. I’m now imagining a full on dramatic mic drop when you walked away. Maybe I need to start doing that haha. At least if I then make the after I schedule really entertaining for myself maybe I will schedule some more.

      I’ll definitely check out the link to see what it’s like and maybe listen when I’m trying to write or schedule something. See if it helps! I hope you can past the writers block.


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