Secret Blogger Santa

This festive season our own little Lightning elf Ellen came up with a Secret Santa idea for bloggers.   Now a Christmas community event with bloggers is always something I’m going to love!  


The idea of the event is that we introduce our giftee (of course) and chose a gift for them as a Secret Santa would do normally.  


Now for the exciting bit, my giftee is the fabulous, the fashionista, the kind, intelligent and cool Chris at OverThinkerY He also is a contributor over at The Well-Red Mage!   


One of the most impressive things about him and his blog is how kind and welcoming he is.  No matter what, and despite the fact that even though we really should I haven’t chatted to Chris as much as I would like to he always makes everyone feel a part of the community.  


If you didn’t hear about the latest project he now has a podcast (that I had to triple check I was spelling correctly) called Philosophiraga.  So basically he is multi-talented and always trying to get his words, ideas and thoughts out there!  


Also if you want to check out some of my favourite posts of his then definitely check out all of the following: 

His latest catch up so you can find all the details for where to catch his thoughts and what has been going on.

The fun, fashionable contest with Pix1001, it can only be High Score Haute Couture.  So partially because they let me be a judge but also because now everytime I see Samus and Repede I smile and think of the best fashion show in the blogging world.  

Learning by playing which focuses on tutorials and how some games do really well to implement them in a way that the player enjoys and can learn from effectively.

Nintendo Switch First Impressions is fantastic mainly because of the “so… I have a switch now” which my friend is pretty much wanting to do right now.  Besides this is also a fantastic purchase and hearing about it was so good.


Now since I’m meant to be a Secret Santa I really should explain my gifts.  Yes I couldn’t narrow it down to one gift and I want to include real world ones and game world ones that all suit.  




A key blade.  I associate Kingdom Hearts with Chris and it was even his game that defined him.  As such I would love to design and create an OverThinkerY/Philosophiraga/Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage key blade for him. Or a small version of one.  

A pipe.  This does back to the fashion show but Repede had an pipe and it just reminds me of both Chris and Pix but it makes for a fun, little bit random and one of those Secret Santa gifts that just make you laugh so I need to include it. 

An ocarina.  Again besides philosophy, video games and fashion I also associate Chris with music.  So an instrument seems perfect. (Then we could also see if we could get him to learn it and perform it for a podcast… so it would be a gift for everyone.)  

And for a blogger, podcast host and general all round knowledgeable and thoughtful person I would give the gift of a notepad for all those times where you have ideas and need to write them down.


Merry Christmas Chris!  And Merry Christmas, happy holidays and general happy days to everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful time.



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