Sunshine Blogger Award from Meghan Plays Games

With thanks to Meghan Plays Games for the nomination for this Sunshine Blogger Award.  She came up with some fantastic questions to answer even though it has taken me about 4 months to answer them!


Since I’m not going to be tagging other people I’m missing out the rules but generally they are thank the person who tagged you, answer the questions, make your own selection of questions and tag people if you are doing it fully.


Favourite female character in a video game, and why?

So I’m taking part in Normal Happenings collaboration next year with a post dedicated to my favourite female character, Aloy.  In order to not spoil that piece that I’m writing but shall be a secret until whatever point Matt decides to post mine I will say some of my other favourites.  Kara from Detroit: Become Human as she is so strong and I love her care for others.  She just wants to protect Alice and does that to the best of her ability (or the best of the players ability!).  I love Isabelle from Animal Crossing, just the most incredible mix of sweet, caring and just a character you would love to meet.  I also love Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey because she is just so determined, strong and no matter what happens she can get through it.  Lara Croft is an obvious one but she deserves a mention, particularly talking of new Lara. 


Game you loved but feel like no one else remembers, or is really underrated?

When I was a child I loved playing Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 and Tweety’s High Flying Adventure.  No one ever seems to mention either.  They may not be as good as I remember them but I would play them over and over.  Part of that is obviously I had less games back then but I loved them.  So retro gaming enthusiasts start talking about these two!  I just want to believe that other people remember them and enjoyed them.


A game whose ending you felt was really disappointing? Why?

Now I’m asked this question I am struggling.  Normally I would probably be able to think of something but I’m not sure.  


Whilst not quite the same thing I am disappointed by the first ending I saw of Heavy Rain.  That was because I messed up at the end with one of the characters so it didn’t work out how I hoped.   So more disappointment in myself rather than the game itself.


Favourite indie game? Why?

Stardew Valley town celebration with all townspeople.
Stardew Valley celebration with the town

Stardew Valley.  It is so easy to get lost in the world and so relaxing to play.  If you need to just feel good it is perfect. Also the music that goes along with it is so perfect.  


If a friend who wasn’t a gamer asked you for a sort-of ‘first game’ recommendation, what would you suggest, and why? Let’s say they are open to all platforms and all genres.

Depending on what their other interests are I have a few in mind.  Spider-Man (PS4), Stardew Valley, Pokémon (either Blue/Red/Yellow or Let’s Go), What Remains of Edith Finch, any Lego game or Forza Horizon 4.  All allow for learning, focus on different types of games and are quite welcoming for new gamers as well.  


What game would you credit with sparking your love for gaming, and what about it was so special?

Happy Togepi

Whilst it wasn’t the first game I played or even the first game I played on the Game Boy I’d say Pokémon Blue was the game that cemented the fact that I loved gaming.  This has been an enduring love of a franchise. I still get excited about new Pokémon games and playing through Blue (multiple times) definitely was the start of that and why I wanted to continue to play games.  


Favourite, or most memorable video game villain?


I love Bowser.  There is just something so perfect about him as a villain in so many of the Mario games.  Also I feel that at times Bowser speaks the truth like the screenshot from Super Mario Odyssey.  I honestly can’t contradict this statement. 


What are your personal thoughts/opinions on video games as ‘live services’? Do you think this is the path video games will take in future?

I think it can be great having long running content and new things added and so on as long as it’s optional.  However, I don’t like how dependent these types of games are on microtransactions.  I think there will always be a place for games with “standard experiences”.  I understand where the love for games as a service are from the industry side but as a consumer I’m not a massive fan.  Basically I want to be able to just buy the game and be able to play the game, play online (if I so wish) without feeling that I have to buy any further thing in order to have a similar level to others and have what I need to complete whatever I’m trying to do.


Similarly, since we are talking about the future of gaming, when considering Game Pass and such services I think these are great options.  I would prefer that they don’t become industry standard as I love collecting games and owning them.  They offer a great chance to try new games, they allow for people to do this with less risk in terms of cost and they don’t mean you can’t buy that game as well.  I think alongside physical games, as well as the ability to download games that you have bought, services like Game Pass are great.  I just wouldn’t want this to be the only option. 


Most memorable side quest/NPC questline in a video game?

I feel like all of the personal character missions in Mass Effect 2 count here.  There is always something to learn about the characters in these and they work so well.

Some video games, due to their popularity or following, are considered above criticism. Is there a problematic element, or something that really bothered you in a title that has received universal acclaim? Give me your unpopular opinions!

I prefer when people acknowledge that a game that is universally defined as wonderful still has flaws.  I can love games and think they are perfect but they aren’t necessarily without flaw.  Equally, I can hate a game and still see positives to it.  It might just not be my sort of game or I might not enjoy the story but it could still have good characters, fantastic design or amazing soundtrack and so on.  However, this is not really the point of the question so I’ll get back to that.  


A game I love is Mass Effect 2.  I really want to replay all the games but haven’t got the time to dedicate to that so it’s on the list for some time in the future.  However, unlike a lot of people I struggle to like Miranda.  I put up with her, I like her side missions but I just don’t find her a likeable character.  She will never be a favourite but she is a main character so I get on with it and in the end I wanted her to survive if only because I wanted a successful suicide mission.  


Let’s say you have to make a playlist of songs for a particular video game character – songs that represent who they are. Choose any character, and list at least 1 song that you feel would be on their playlist. Any musical genre, no limitations!

I’m going to do two characters here since the first that jumped into my head is a Lego Movie character.  Obviously he is also in the game so counts but isn’t the only character I want to mention.


First up is Emmet, of the Lego Movie and Lego Movie videogame.  This is a character who tries to be happy and thinks everything is awesome.  Now the song that came to mind for him is Baby Shark.  It’s happy, it’s catchy and I think it would be perfect for Emmet. 




For another character I’m going to pick Phoenix Wright.  He is a young lawyer who doesn’t always grasp the magnitude of the situations he ends up in.  He follows his heart and believes in people in such an admirable way. I’m pretty sure that You’ve Got A Friend In Me and Eye of the Tiger would both end up on his playlist.  His friends and clients, often not mutually exclusive categories, are so important to him and even his so called rival is so important to him. No matter what he will try to fight for them and protect them even when it seems hopeless.  Despite getting himself into situations in court where it seems like his client is guilty, he always comes back fighting and won’t give up. Both of these songs represent aspects of his character and I think he would enjoy them. 


Thank you to Meghan Plays Games for these fabulous questions!

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award from Meghan Plays Games

  1. I love Stardew Valley too, I’m on my second year and I’m about to marry my chosen bachelor as well as make a little fruit orchard on my farm. Bowser is such a charismatic villain, I used to play a lot of Nintendo games but now I’m a PC person.

    As someone who also loves Mass Effect and has played through the trilogy countless times, you don’t need to have three hours free or more to play it. There’s no such thing as “no time” you have to make time by organizing your day and using the amount of freedom you have, even if it’s for an hour or less if you really care about going back to it someday. I work full-time and am currently replaying Andromeda in my spare time and I managed to squeeze half an hour of it in before leaving for my shift. It’s not a difficult thing to do. Playing in little chunks is not a bad thing to do if you’re busy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve recently gotten back into Stardew Valley thanks to the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s the perfect portable game because you can pick it up for a few minutes and feel like you make some progress. Now, if only I could actually plan a farm rather than putting everything everywhere xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. I play it on my PC but I still make a lot of progress. Sometimes I have to grind but it’s worth it.


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