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Five games for a year

Scrolling on Twitter the other day I saw this idea of if you could only pick five games to play for a year what would you choose.  I thought for a bit of fun I’d expand on this but didn’t realise how many internal doubts I would have as I tried to narrow down my choices to only five games.  I think I could make this list in so many ways but I do think I would have a fun year regardless. 


For one whole year, you are only allowed to play 5 different games (including their DLCs).
The tweet I saw about this idea


So what games would I play for a year if I could only play 5 games in that time? 


The Witcher 3


I have vaguely started this.  However, a year of being able to play limited games and I might be able to get further.  Plus there is plenty to play in it and I have an edition that comes with the DLC so I will be kept busy! Maybe I would even complete it.  Or is that too optimistic? All I hear is how amazing it is and how big it is. I really need to dedicate some time to this as it looks amazing.


Forza Horizon 4 

I needed to add a racing game to add because I find these can be fun, relaxing and enjoyably competitive even if only with yourself and the AI.  It has some DLC which I haven’t played so it has the potential for new experiences. I have so many things to do and places to explore in the base game that I haven’t yet so I would be perfectly happy for a long time.  Also it is beautiful, the UK is represented here in such a gorgeous way. Also here we have a game that also has multiplayer so if I want to go online for something different then I have that option.


Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy 


Part of this is because I have it twice and have completed it exactly zero times.  There are so many levels to do for starters and then you have the extra challenges of the time trials, relics and just trying to be perfect at each level.  Whilst it would, admittedly, have the potential for annoying me with dying frustratingly or narrowly missing out on a relic or just not being able to make a jump, I would still enjoy it. 


Mass Effect 2

I was trying to think of a game I love and want to replay to add.  An old favourite that I wouldn’t get bored with and this was what I decided on.  Since you can play a variety of ways, change how your characters fight, play on different difficulties and be good or be bad, there is so much content that even though I have finished the game that I haven’t seen yet.  I was trying to decide which Mass Effect title to choose and went with 2 because of the DLC. It gives me more to do and more choice!


Stardew Valley


For the point in this list where I need a calming, relaxing, just easy and nice game then I need to add Stardew Valley.  This is just perfect for a relaxing evening and I think given I have also put Crash Bandicoot on this list I might need that.  I love Stardew Valley and you have so many things to do, you can make new saves with different starting types, you can make friends, get married, spend all your time fishing or digging.  Also I love the soundtrack so I could honestly just sit and listen to that. 



This was a surprisingly difficult choice to make.  I have so many that I want to play or want to replay so narrowing it down was tricky.  However, I think I would have a great year playing these! If you were to only play 5 games in a year what games would you pick?  Let me know in the comments. 


23 thoughts on “Five games for a year

  1. This is such a good idea! Think I’ll start from January 2020 as most games I want to play will be out within that year:

    – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – as I need to finish the DLC
    – Pokemon: Sword & Shield – Will take me a good couple of months to fill up the dex
    – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Will be such a fun and chilled game to play whenever
    – Spyro: Reignited Trilogy – I’m a big fan of nostalgia
    – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – I honestly think this is my favourite game ever

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    1. I was just saying what I would play if I limited myself – I know I’d never stick to only playing 5 games in a year!

      I still haven’t finished Breath of the Wild nevermind any DLC. Nostalgia is wonderful with Spyro.

      I’m really looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as Animal Crossing New Horizons. Hopefully they will be great when we get to play them.


  2. Uh…hmm…

    1. Slay the Spire (rogue-like – effectively infinite replay value)
    2. Hollow Knight (have wanted to replay this for a while, so this would be a great excuse to do so)
    3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (don’t need to explain this one)
    4. Monster Hunter World (I really enjoy playing this even when I have nothing to do in it)
    5. Divinity Original Sin 2 (another one I want to replay because there are a ton of options I haven’t explored – similar to Mass Effect 2 for yourself)

    Completely unrelated: I really like the way you have your games organized on your shelf.

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    1. Animal Crossing is such a good one and you can play that no matter what. They are great choices, at least from what I have heard of most of them (only played Animal Crossing from your list).

      Haha the games on my shelf have only just made it there. The shelves have just gone up so I’m still getting them sorted but thank you!

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      1. If I’m being honest, I could probably fill a year with just Skyrim…I basically already did it in 2011 and 2012 😛 But variety is good!


  3. Oh man, I like this idea! Five games I’d play for a year is a much different list than my five favorite games. I absolutely agree with the Witcher 3, and love your shout out to Stardew Valley as well because it’s just so easy to come back to again and again. I’d add Skyrim to that just for the sheer amount of content it has.


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