My month in games – September 2019

It’s been a long month.  A surprisingly long month personally.  However in better news I have plans for blogging and I have got quite a bit of time to play games.  I even managed to finish a game! That’s quite something for me. It feels like it’s been a while. 


Despite all of this I still can’t believe my last post was actually my August roundup and here we are for September.



I finished Batman Arkham Knight (PS4).


This is my second time playing but first on the PS4, thanks to PS+.  So I haven’t as of yet got the true ending because I haven’t fought the Riddler as I am unworthy (aka I haven’t collected all his trophies, solved all the riddles, rescued all the victims and destroyed all the things that need destroyed).  I’m debating how much I want the true ending but will probably dip in and out for a while and see how close I can get. I’ve got most of the remaining ones on the map (I think) as I kept exploring for informants so technically it is probably doable.  I know there are a few riddles which have not been placed on the map which could be harder to find. I can still say it is finished though, which for me seems to have been a long time coming to finish a ‘big’ game especially within a month.  


Can we also take a second to admire my parking here?  I think this takes some skill (pure luck but let’s say skill).


Perfect Batmobile parking.


I also played a bit of Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Switch).  So yes I bought it again. Yes I bought it so I could play handheld. 

Spyro switch case

I have started it to try it and nearly through the first game. This is one so I can jump in when I want a bit of Spyro handheld and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  It is good fun but I knew that anyway having played it recently on Xbox One.


I did a tiny but more Hue (Switch) as well.  I’m not sure how much longer I have to go until I reach the end.  I’m honestly not sure how to guess that but I’m loving the colour and puzzle mix.  It’s such a beautiful way to do things. Hopefully this will be completed soon so I can pretend that I finish games regularly again. 


Being more focused on what I played this month seems to have gone well but now I need to decide what to play next… the tough decisions.  Though as work gets busier and I get more overtime chances are my time to play is going to get smaller but I will see what I can do.


What were you playing in September?  Anything good? Let me know in the comments. 

7 thoughts on “My month in games – September 2019

  1. I’ve been playing a bit of Dark Souls 3 on PC and Gears of War 5 also on PC. It’s my second time playing through Dark Souls 3 but my first time on PC. Really enjoying the visuals of the game in 4K.

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    1. I love the idea of Dark Souls but know I wouldn’t end up with the patience to complete it and work towards finishing it. Glad you are enjoying the visuals in 4K. I’ve heard of a lot of people playing Gears 5 at the moment. Hope you are enjoying it.

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      1. I will say the first time playing Dark Souls 3 I died about 50 times the first two hours and then rage quit with the mindset that I was never going to play again. Waited about 3 days and tried again and I’ve never looked back! Lol.


  2. A nice selection! I’ve been slowly chipping away at Spyro myself.

    This month, however, I’ve been focusing on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Life is Strange.

    I’m like you, though. It takes me an aaaaage to finish a game! Life gets in the way!

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    1. There are too many distractions from gaming in real life haha!

      I love just being able to do a little bit of Spyro for a bit of relaxing (I’m not talking about the flying levels there!). Life is Strange is such a lovely game. I can never wait for the next episode so I waited for them all to release and then played one after another.


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