Games I wish were on the Switch

I love the Nintendo Switch and how it can easily just fit into your day.  Play it handheld, on the go or on the TV which makes it easy to find a moment to turn it on and get that little but further in whatever you are playing.  There are some games that sadly have not yet made it to the Switch and these are the games that I would jump at if they became available.  

For everyone’s enjoyment I will tell you that you should not start drafting this post prior to E3.  Let’s just say that Spyro Reignited Trilogy was top of my list and soon it shall find it’s way to my Switch! I can’t wait and even though I already own it I am tempted to buy it for the Switch too.  I then put this post off to work out what else I might want.  Unfortunately the rest of my list is unannounced and/or unlikely but Nintendo if you are reading I would love if any of these became Switch games.  
Katrielle a

Professor Layton

Basically I would love to play all the Professor Layton games again or have a new addition with a Switch game.  The puzzles are always good fun and the stories that you uncover along the way are enjoyable. If these were either to be re-released I would buy them again and I would definitely be buying a new Layton game.  This also includes the Ace Attorney crossover game.  


Super Mario Galaxy

I saw someone on Twitter call for this a while back and honestly I agree.  I wish it was happening. I had so much fun with Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel so the opportunity to replay these on the Switch would be fantastic.  I now really want to dig these out and play them again.  


A Pokémon collection


New Pokémon Snap

Please.  I want to take photographs of all Pokémon as the main aspect of a game.  I don’t want a little feature and be able to take photos with my Pokémon I want to just go round taking photos throughout regions of all the Pokémon.  If you got to travel between regions taking photos then you could see each generation as they were in their original regions and habitats.  


A cartoon throwback

This one I’m leaving open because of my nostalgia.  I grew up with games like Tweety’s High Flying Adventure, Donald Duck Quack Attack, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 and various others.  Now perhaps it’s because I spent so long on these games and they are fond memories that I would like something similar.  If I hadn’t have had so many happy hours playing these games would I want another cartoon character based game that can take me back to the fun of my childhood.


Are there any game that you would love to see make a comeback or be remastered for the Switch?

12 thoughts on “Games I wish were on the Switch

  1. I would love to see a new Pokémon Snap like you mention, as well as a new Super Mario 3D “something” (following in the footsteps of Land and World). Those titles were some of my favorite in the series!

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  2. Mario Galaxy is a great shout – perhaps they could make a third installment while they’re at it 😉 Being a massive JRPG fan the games that are top of my list are Xenoblade Chronicles (1&X) and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE!

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  3. Interesting call on the Cartoon games! I’m currently playing through Bug’s Bunny’s Crazy Castle on my Gameboy (although, playing through my Super Gameboy on my SNES so up on the bigscreen!) and it’s TOUGH. I got so far in this game as a kid and I’m getting wrecked. Those games were a blast and the cartoon crossover games were some of my favorite.

    Can I get a little Tom & Jerry for SNES? That game was fantastic!

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    1. I’m sure I would be so stuck on these games now. I remember having so many hours or fun with them but I’m pretty sure my memory is letting me forget how tough they were. Yet they were such a big part of my gaming growing up that I’d love to get that feeling again from new games built on a similar idea.

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      1. Totally, they were brutal! Last year at some point I built one of those RetroPie things so I could revisit some of the older SNES games, and I had a lot of fun using save states. _Way_ more fun and far less of a drain on time.

        I beat Tom & Jerry and Aladdin inside of two hours, just saving at the beginning of every level. If you ever feel like revisiting them, I highly recommend an emulator with savestates – it’ll save your sanity and let you relive the fun memories, while conveniently stripping out the bad ones 🙂


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