Happy blog birthday in purple font, an image of a cake with 5 candles and a bow.

The Origin of the Blog

So I’m no superhero, clearly.  I do, however, have an origin story.  On this day, my blogs birthday, I decided to go back and explain it.  I have touched on it before but an Inkling from Matt at Normal Happenings has inspired me to do this in full.  


Happy blog birthday in purple font, an image of a cake with 5 candles and a bow.


The Gaming Diaries was born 2 years ago but where did the name come from?  Honestly part of it was I am terrible at coming up with names. I’m not very creative when it comes to names so coming up with a blog name was a terribly difficult.  I didn’t want to ask anyone for advice on this since I wanted to keep this a secret from people.  


Maybe I’ll update my picture sometime this year?

The Gaming Diaries.  It came to life because this was my way of writing about games, my life and my geekiness, mainly from a gaming side, so gaming had to come into it somehow.  I thought about using something along the line of gaming corner but thought that was likely to be used by several other sites. Since this is my writing, it is for me as much as others (if not more), and a blog always reminds me of a diary I figured that Diaries made sense.  It is my place to write, keep my thoughts together, keep a record of my gaming and geeky thoughts. My Gaming Diaries. Maybe I should have named myself something else, but I probably wouldn’t have started it if I thought anymore about names. The naming part was just so difficult for me and I just wanted to get started and write. 


However, there is another part of my origin story.  Sure the name is important but you generally don’t just start a blog on a whim.  It tends to be something you plan, at least in terms of name! So why did I start this little blog? 


I needed something, I just didn’t quite know what.  I was in a bad place, which whilst I hadn’t reached my rock bottom I was getting on my way there.  I wanted to start something where I could be creative, focus on something different and incorporate my interests.  I decided I wanted to blog because it was going to take me out of my head and to think about other things, things I love and things I wanted to talk about but didn’t necessarily have a lot of friends who would appreciate ramblings about games or geeky interests.  In fact I would say aside from my other half who is interested in these things and has no choice other than to listen to my rambles, there are only a handful of people who would put up with me geeking out on this stuff.  Some out of having similar interests and some out of politeness. 


Having this blog has also meant I found a community and friends that I doubt I would have met otherwise.  So in terms of what has happened since my not very superhero worthy origin story I think I have found my feet and the best people. 


Happy second birthday to my blog!  My little blog you have come a long way from last year and so much further than I thought you would when I started


Thank you for reading, following, liking, stumbling across a random post here and there.  You all have made the last two years of blogging so enjoyable. Here is to many more years, more posts and more friends. 

15 thoughts on “The Origin of the Blog

  1. Happy anniversary! I suspect your origin story is shared by quite a few people out there — I know I’ve also been through difficult times and found great comfort in having something creative I can throw my mental energy into, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the years to come!


  2. Congratulations on two years! That’s awesome! I always look forward to your posts, and I’m glad you decided to give blogging a shot way back when! Also, the name is awesome: I wouldn’t fret about it not being “creative” enough. It perfectly describes what you’re doing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I think I spent so long thinking about the name that even after I created it the was that tiny bit of doubt. Plus I realise that I am creative in other ways but names are not my forte. I just wanted to get started!

      Thanks for congratulations and for reading my posts in general.

      Liked by 1 person

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