The best Lego games

Lego is never that far out of reach for me.  Whether it be the many sets or Brickheadz figures that I have displayed or a minifig or the key rings I have with Lego characters.  There is always something somewhere around.  

Harry Potter BrickHeadz
Harry Potter characters in Lego BrickHeadz form

Then there are the Lego games.  Lego games have been a staple of my collection for years.  There is just something so calming about a game where you break bricks apart to collect a massive amount of studs, characters, rescue characters in peril and build things with collectibles.  


The first Lego game I remember playing was Lego Island and I’m sure I played Lego Loco as well back when Lego games were new in the 90s.  As much as I realise the memory of these games are probably rose tinted by nostalgia but I would love to have a little play of them again.   Does anyone else remember these games?  


Today we are spoilt with so many franchises represented in Lego form.  So here are some of my favourites. 


Lego Harry Potter

I loved these on Xbox 360 and bought the collection on Xbox One so I could replay them.  I’m taking it really slowly so I can use this as my calm game for when I’m just wanting to do bits and bobs rather than get too involved.  It’s Lego plus Harry Potter so that was always going to be a winner for me.  



Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

This is the first Lego Star Wars game I played and I love it.  It has made me want to play the others but I haven’t quite got round to that yet… one day!  It seems much bigger than other Lego games to me, at least when I played it but they have been getting bigger in the last few years.


The Lego Movie Videogame

I just remember having great fun with this one.  I think, perhaps, this was the magic of the movie being so bright and colour and filled with Lego joy that it managed to spread that almost infectiously.  Everything is awesome! 

I’m not sure whether to buy the one based on the second film or not but the first one was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me.  


Lego Marvel games


Yes I am grouping together Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego Avengers but these are my favourite Lego superheroes games.  They have so many characters to collect and play as, the humour really works well and the stories in them are always great.  Also you get to be a superhero (or two or three or…) which obviously gives an extra little cool factor.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

I like the Pirates of the Caribbean films, at least the ones I have seen, but I’m not a massive fan of everything.  However, a Lego game about this franchise? Yes please.  



What is your favourite Lego game?  Are there any that you want to try that you haven’t yet?  Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “The best Lego games

      1. Yeah, I agree! They do make adorable decorations, my husband and I got a Lego wreath for Christmas from ThinkGeek one year lol


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